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SPANX… Why all men should try it!

Women all over the world tend to feel very victimised by the pressures that society puts on us as a gender to look slim and toned, to have curves in

Spanx Cotton Crew

all the right places and to have that all important thigh gap (eurgh, why?!).

And whilst the image is beginning to change for women as more plus sized models are being seen modelling underwear and clothing of all sorts, have you seen a plus size male model on the front of a Calvin Klein packet yet? In fact, have you seen a plus sized male model at all?

So yes, whilst women feel the pressures to be stick thin maybe it’s time to consider the pressures on men to have 6-packs and huge biceps… Spanx could be just the trick to regain your confidence and tone up without spending hours in the gym (who has time for that anyway?!).

Instead of sitting at your office desk, feeling miserable about that bit of Christmas weight that hasn’t shifted, or feeling guilty for dunking more than 1 chocolate digestive in your cuppa, head over to and invest in a SPANX Cotton Compression Crew, and I say invest because just like a gym membership it is an investment into being a happy chappy. You won’t regret it.

In case I need additional points to encourage men to buy these genius shirts, fear not because you can’t even tell you’re wearing them, completely discreet and can be worn under shirts/ t-shirts or on their own. However you feel comfortable!

These SPANX tops have a high level of control to firm your chest and abs, look toned and feel confident without the hassle, price and time consumption of a gym membership. Win/win, we think you’ll agree.

If you’re more of a tank top kinda guy, we have just the thing for you as well- SPANX Zoned Performance Tank.

So really, you don’t have any excuses now…





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Lily Allen Wears Spanx… And Nothing Else!


Do we really know what goes on behind the scenes in the celebs’ dressing rooms? Well recently the popstar Lily Allen gave us an insight when she took an Instagram video of herself singing and dancing along to Drake’s Started From The Bottom in just a pair of Spanx shape wear with the caption: “cool mum”.

Steal the Air Balloon hitmaker’s style by wearing the Spanx In Power Line Super Higher Power but this time with a sequinned ombré style dress. This clever shapewear irons out any lumps and bumps and leaves you with a stunning silhouette thanks to their tummy control panels and overall strong control. The addition of ultra-flat seams means that these shaping shorts are ideal for special occasions like weddings or nights out where you want to wear a figure-hugging dress.

Clearly a big fan of Spanx, we wonder whether Lily wore the Spanx Power Mama when she was pregnant with her three children. These ingenious shaping shorts provide support for the mum-to-be’s back while trimming the silhouette. Maternity wear just got luxe. 

Many other celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Emma Watson have been snapped in their Spanx, admittedly they’re normally worn under clothing and spotted by mistake. If you want a pair of shaping shorts that you would almost be happy to reveal, choose the Pretty Polly Lace Shaper Short. Featuring medium control running from the bottom of the mid-thigh to the bra-line, their scalloped edging and floral lace design look absolutely gorgeous while their purse-friendly price won’t stretch the budget.

For more inspiration, look at our range of shapewear for a celeb tastic look in seconds.


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Could Shapewear Be The Secret Behind Pippa’s Perfect Behind?

booster-shortMillions of people were watching the Royal Wedding three years ago when Katherine Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge, so naturally the eyes of the world were also on Pippa Middleton and of course her behind as she aided her sister up the aisle.

It’s understandable that Pippa would want to look her best and might opt for some shaping shorts to make sure she looked fit for the occasion, or at least that’s what the French TV presenter Stephane Bern has been saying. During his chat show Mr Bern stated that it was his theory that Mademoiselle Middleton had worn some shapewear to achieve curvier assets.

The sheer absence of VPL (visible panty line) as well as a toned appearance certainly does suggest that she was wearing control wear, but which product?

Pippa could have been wearing the Spanx Slimpicity Booty Booster Shorts with their removable pads designed to give you a peachy behind. The strong control flattens tummies, hips and thighs – just the thing for a figure-hugging white silk dress. Their smooth fabric is laser-cut making them feel like a second skin. Being removable, the so-called “butt-lets” can be taken out whenever they’re not needed- leaving you with a normal pair of shaping shorts.

Want a lifted behind at a purse-friendly price? Then take a look at the Ambra Killer Figure Bum Lifting Shorts featuring clever ‘pockets’ of fabric that shape and lift bottoms for that perfect rear. Their medium strength control also smooths hips, thighs and tummies, giving you a gym bunny look in an instant.

Of course, unless Pippa confirms or denies the rumours we will never know the truth… but at least we can be safe in the knowledge that a gorgeous behind can be achieved in next to no time without a squat or cross trainer in sight!



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Legally Blonde Star Gets All Spanxed Up

spanxAmanda Holden might have ditched them, but there’s no amount of yoga or dieting that could make us say goodbye to our Spanx shapewear.  It seems she’s in the minority, though, as every day we hear another celeb gushing about the miraculous properties of the slimming shapewear.  Our favourite Hollywood girl-next-door, Legally Blonde start Reese Witherspoon, was getting in on the action at the weekend when she flashed her control pants on her way to an Easter Sunday service.

Want Reese’s svelte style? Take a look at our bestselling Spanx UK shapewear styles so far this year…

1)      Spanx In Power Line Super Higher Power

Classic high waisted shorts with strong control.  These are perfect if you’re looking for clean lines under a bodycon dress, but beware – short skirts might reveal a glimpse of the shaper as you move around.

2)      Spanx Higher Power Brief

Ideal for miniskirt lovers and shorts enthusiasts, the brief design of this high waisted shaper means you eliminate any risk of flashing your Spanx (maybe Reese should have opted for these ones…)

3)      Spanx Power Mama

Yes, even mums to be can wear Spanx – and it’s perfectly safe.  The Spanx Power Mama shorts give you classic Spanx shaping around your thighs, back and bum, while the specially constructed bump section supports without squeezing, so you get a great look and baby remains in complete comfort.

4)      Spanx Ready-to-Wow Structured Leggings

The best things in life are free… and the second best are worth the investment.  Case in point: these gorgeous leggings, which are thick enough to be worn on their own as trousers, and which are packed full of Spanx shaping as well as clever design features, like the structured cut and sew design which flatters your figure to perfection.

5)      Spanx Slimplicity Open Bust Slip

For those of you that yearn for a little femininity in your shapewear, the Slimplicity Open Bust Slip is the answer.  Not only does the slip design mean they’re ideal under dresses (and make going to the bathroom a LOT easier), they have been made with a glamorous shine finish, while the open bust design means you can still wear your own lingerie underneath.

With these and tons of other styles just a few clicks away, take a look at the whole of our Spanx online collection and get Spanxed up this season!




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Celebrity Favourites: Get the Look!

Hankering after a little star style this season?  Get the look, with our pick of celebrity favourites…

K-Middy’s Bare Leg Look Tights: Kate Middleton and the Great Sheer Tights Debate has become one of the most iconic hosiery looks of the last few years – ironic, since as the name suggests, you can’t even see them.  There are loads of bare leg look styles on the market that offer wonderful coverage and a flawless skin tone – it’s rumored Kate wears Wolford sheers, but we love the Falke Shelina Tights, which offer the perfect shade for every skintone.

Zooey Deschanel’s Opaque Tights: There’s no denying that Zooey is the official face of opaque tights – from New Girl set to red carpet event, she never seems to take hers off!  For those of you without the A List budget, there are the Pamela Mann 80 Denier Opaque 

Tights – just the right thickness to keep out the chill without being too thick for elegant eveningwear, they come in a range of shades so you can match them to your accessories.


Gwyneth’s Wool Tights:  On her much-discussed lifestyle website Goop, the Hollywood actress includes the wonderfully warm Wolford Merino Tights in her top picks for avoid the icy polar vortex weather in the US.  We’re not surprised – they’re wonderfully warm and super luxe to boot!

Little Mix’s Suspender Tights: The Little Mix lovelies are hard at work making a name for themselves across the pond, and are (in our opinion) at least partially responsible for the resurgence of suspender tights in the last few months.  Get the look by donning a pair with a twist, like the super cute Pamela Mann Bunny Ear Overknee Tights or the popular Pamela Mann Paris Skyline Suspender Tights.



Rochelle’s Shapewear: The Saturdays lovely has made no secret of her love of shapewear, and Spanx in particular.  And with a figure like hers, why wouldn’t you want to get the look?!  If you’re expecting, opt for the Spanx Power Mama Shaper, just like Rochelle – or if you just want a little helping hand to get Rochelle’s amazing hourglass figure, the Spanx Higher Power Brief is just the ticket.

Miranda Kerr’s Sheer Tights: Sales of sheer tights have soared in recent months, with classic black sheers making a name for themselves for the first time since the 90s.  Model Miranda has been spotted out and about in hers on several occasions – get the look with a 20 denier sheer like the Falke Pure Matt 20 Tights, which have a classic matte finish and luxurious feel for a look just like Miranda’s.




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Stars Dazzle at the Golden Globes…

spanxWidely considered as the warm up to the Oscars race, the 71st incarnation of the Golden Globes Awards were held this week, celebrating all that was good from the worlds of film and television over the last year.  With film Twelve Years a Slave and TV phenomenon Breaking Bad among the biggest winners on the night, the red carpet was filled with a sea of talent.

But all the People TV red carpet correspondent seemed to want to know was… what were the celebs wearing under their gorgeous gowns?  The answer, of course, was unanimous: Spanx!

First to be accosted was Modern Family starlet Sarah Hyland, who said: “everybody needs to wear Spanx no matter what… it just takes care of good lines for underwear issues”.  Now we know how how she manages to look so amazing all the time!  Next up was Melissa Rauch and Kunal Nayyar (Bernadette and Raj from the Big Bang theory), who both replied with a firm “Yes” when asked if they were wearing a shaping secret (another not-so-secret admirer of the Spanx for Men range, then).

Swiftly following in their footsteps was their BBT cast mate Mayim Bialik, looking very un-Amy-Farrah-Fowler-like in a sheer panelled black gown.  Her reply? “Of course… do you even have to ask?!”  And Tatiana Maslany was hot on her heels and in agreement, saying: “are you not wearing Spanx is the more apt question”.  The actress, who wore an extravagant beaded shift dress, was nominated for role in Orphan Black but lost out on the night to House of Cards actress Robin Wright.

The list of famous faces signed up to the world of Spanx shapewear seems to be endless!  With Spanx celebs the world over in their devotion, it can only be a matter of time before they’re taking centre stage on the front cover of Vogue…


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Spanx Feature!

activebottoms-kneepantLose those January blues thanks to Spanx. New Year equals new body, and we all indulged over Christmas. After all, it’s the one time in the year when it’s allowed! So it’s no wonder that so many celebs invest in the clever control wear to look good.

Referring to her Spanx as a “Sharon Osborne special,” Jennifer Saunders said that she always wears control wear under her outfits in the Jonathan Ross show last week. During the programme they played a hilarious clip of Eddie showing off her new underwear, in which she advises Patsy to wear control pants during her hot date to ensure that no unsightly lines make an appearance – we couldn’t have said it better ourselves, sweetie.

Now for a star from across the pond, the fabulous Katy Perry has made no secret of her being smitten with Spanx. Previously revealing that she “almost always wears hers,” it is no surprise that she sees control wear as a key component to her tour preparation. Last week she continued her love affair with the shapewear brand, dismissing any worries about getting into shape by saying that there’s “nothing a bit of stockings and Spanx won’t do.” We’re sure that she’ll dazzle like a firework during her Prism tour – with a little help from her favourite underwear of course.

We may not have worldwide tours to plan, but Spanx can still help us to get fit. After all, the gym can be daunting place; those tiny gym bunnies bouncing about make us want to back away from the treadmill. This is where Spanx come to the rescue. Shine in that spin class with your Shaping Compression Knee Pant! This superior sportswear contains medium control – perfect for smoothing out any lumps and bumps, letting you focus on your exercise. You can wear them under your gym leggings or wear them on their own. Let’s face it, half the battle with doing sport is actually wanting to be there. You’ll feel so fabulous wearing these beauties that you’ll actually race to the door.

So whether you’re rocking a bodycon or breaking your personal best on that cross trainer – Spanx is your best friend. I mean if it’s good enough for the super glam Katy Perry, then it’s good enough for us!



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Each month we pick our top three products, and tell you why.? This month, IT?S CHRISTTTTT-MASSSSS!? Need we say more?

trasparenze-yacht-tights-main1) Trasparenze Yacht Tights

Why?? Festive glamour doesn?t get better than this ? part of the SS14 collection from Trasparenze, the gorgeous Yacht Tights have arrived early.? Featuring a gorgeous glittery mock hold up design and polka dot pattern in silver (the gold version will hit shelves in January), these sheer lovelies are the perfect way to revive that LBD in time for the party season.

Style With: What else?? The LBD.? Finish with glitzy silver accessories, a beaded clutch and high, strappy heels.

Wear to: The office Christmas party, obviously.? Just make sure you?re prepared for the barrage of male attention headed your way!

How much? ?14.00 / ?17,00 / $22.50

PP-Fleecy2) Pretty Polly Fleecy Tights

Why? The temperatures have really begun to bite, and all the hot chocolates in the world can?t reverse the effect of standing on a train platform for twenty minutes in non-weather-appropriate hosiery.? It?s no wonder then that the Pretty Polly Fleecy Tights are our bestselling product at the moment ? we?re selling them by the shedload.? With a gorgeously soft fleece lining, these mega thick 200D Opaques will fend off even sub zero temperatures ? bye bye, ugly thermals.

Style With: Knee high boots, a cosy jumper dress and cocoon coat ? layer a strap top underneath for even more warming power.

Wear to: anywhere you?re likely to be outside for a sustained amount of time ? we?ll be wearing ours to mooch around the Christmas markets.

How much? ?9.95 / ?11,30 / $20.00

activebottoms-closefit3) Spanx Active Bottoms Shaping Compression Pant

Why? There?s only one thing that?s going to motivate us to get back to the gym come January, and that?s new gymwear to look forward to.? Enter the new Spanx Active Bottoms Shaping Compression Close Fit Pant ? ankle length leggings with a slimming secret.? Made with curved seams to make you appear slimmer and a medium control level to firm up those wobbly bits, these are perfect for those who want to exercise in style. There?s no getting away from the fact that these are pricey, but it really is a case of you get what you pay for, and with the Spanx name you case be sure that quality and longevity come as part and parcel, too.

Style With: Because of the shaping power of these, you can get away with tighter gym wear than usual, so we?re thinking a stretchy tank top to show off those curves.? If you?re not sure about wearing leggings on their own, you can layer tracksuit bottoms or shorts over the top, too.

Wear to: The gym ? no longer will you have to hide if you spot a familiar face en route!

How much? ?92.00 / ?113.00 / $149.00




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Review: Spanx Higher Power Brief


Hannah ?higher-power-brief


Spanx Higher Power Brief


Spanx Higher Power




B (I’m a dress size 10)



Colour Comments (if applicable)

A pretty classic nude shade that didn’t show up underneath my sheer blouse!

Appearance comments

At first sight, this looks pretty scary – tiny when you first take it out of the pack, I wondered how I was even going to fit one leg in, leg along a bum and pair of hips too!? But the different sections ressured me that this was a product tailored to fit a real person’s body,? The fabric is functional rather than beautiful – if you’re after shapewear that’s a little sexier I’d try the Spanx Slimplicity range which is a bit more glamorous to the eye, or opt for a black shade instead.

Appearance Score


Feel comments

As outlined above, the name of the game here is function, so when it comes to the fabric don’t expect anything too fancy.? Perfectly comfortable, though, and with a cotton gusset and cotton brief it’s soft enough to keep me happy.

Feel out of ten


Fit comments

Be warned – this shaper looks tiny when you take it out of the pack and it does take some wriggling to get into (particularly over the hips and derriere).? Once on, though, I found it to be comfortable and I soon stopped noticing it.? Yes, it does feel constricting at first, but that’s just the strong shaping support working its magic.? If you really feel it’s too tight, chances are you may need to go up a size, but I found that size B was perfect and correct as per the product’s size guide.

Fit out of ten


Value for Money Comments

At just over ?30, this is relatively cheap shapewear.? Yes, you will find slightly cheaper on the market, but I find this to be the best quality and most effective product in this price range.? When you consider how many times you’ll wear it (and what you’d spend on a dress you only wear a handful of times) it’s actually a complete bargain!

Value for Money out of ten


So, Does it Work?

Shapewear is not a miracle worker – if you’re a size 14 it’s not going to make you a size 8.? But this strong control shaper will give you a smooth silhouette under tight clothing, eliminating lumps, bumps and unsightly bulges, and it definitely flattened my tummy. Plus I found when I was wearing it I became more aware of my posture, sitting up straighter and walking a little taller.

General comments

A classic shapewear style for all who need a little waist and hip shaping – great value for money and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to a friend.

Any Tips or Care Instructions?

To stop the top from rolling down, firstly make sure you have chosen the correct size, and put it in in front of a mirror, ensuring that the back is pulled up as high as the front (this is a common cause of rolling waistbands).? Finally, put on your bra over the top of the waistband – this will effectively “pin” it into place and also help to create a silhouette uninterrupted by bulges.

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Spanx, I salute you!

Unwanted lumps & bumps. We all have them. But as ever, shapewear guru Spanx has come to the rescue once more, creating even more treats for our shaping collection and leaving us body confident in the process. From the ultra-lightweight to the gym bunny friendly, there?s even a pair of sheers to deliver a J-Lo inspired derri?re! Simply choose the shapewear that ticks most of your boxes and voila ? that enviable outline is a mere click away…

Proving that shapewear needn?t be clunky or overbearing, the ultra-thin Trust Your Thinstincts range combines all-round smoothing with a lightweight feel. What?s more, the clever designers at Spanx HQ have listened to our suggestions, adding in a non-compression bust to their tops & slips. Squash & squeeze free, the range is also equipped with nifty stay-put details for the best possible fit.


For those wanting to tackle tricky tummies, the Thong Body is a?must. Using a medium slimming level, the bodysuit will trim & slim in seconds, smoothing stomachs and skimming love handles. With adjustable straps and a non-compression bust that adapts to all cup sizes, the bodysuit is perfect for wearing underneath your work shirt or a slightly sheerer blouse for the evening (as the top can be disguised as an everyday camisole, shh!). If the idea of VPL (visible panty line) gives you chills, worry not as the silky microfibre thong sits incognito once on. If the ultra-thin quality appeals but you?re after more coverage, the Tank Full Slip from the collection is perfect. Ideal for both work & play, the full length slip also uses a medium control, but this time round the lightweight shapewear will lift bottoms and trim thighs alongside tums & muffin tops. To keep your slip in place, a bodysuit has been used underneath whilst a silicone hem grips against skin for a secure feel. Comfortable enough for everyday wear, the seam free slip will go under shift dresses and LBDs with ease, leaving those around you none the wiser. To avoid a Monday morning kerfuffle, Spanx recommend that you step into the slip instead of trying to put it over your head & neck.

As the first ever cotton shapewear range from Spanx, the Spoil Me Cotton collection is quite something. Possibly the softest way to slim yet, the breathable shapewear on offer will keep you refreshed in your hour (or day!) of need. Hectic schedules have met their shapewear match as the High Waisted Panty not only feels gorgeous but leaves behind a silhouette to be desired. Designed to streamline your figure from just below the bust to the bottom, the panty uses a medium control and a high cotton content to keep you body confident at all times. Offering full coverage for your derri?re thanks to a flattering cut, the panty also features visually slimming seams on the centre section which hug you in all the right places. What?s more, to up the ante when it comes to the tummy control, a double layer of fabric has been used. Phew!

Forever on the go but can?t bear to part with your Spanx? Making sure you don?t have to, shaping gurus Spanx have added the Shaping Compression Knee Pant to their active wear Active Bottoms collection. This is one product that I regularly wear, meaning no longer do I worry about bumping into a friend en route to the gym! Reaching to just below the knee, the sleek trousers offer a medium control to tame thighs & bottoms instantly ? leaving you to tackle that cross trainer in style. Unlike most trousers, these actually come without a middle seam as a clever curved one has been used instead. Narrowing hips & bums with the illusion, the flat lying seam provides that extra boost of confidence when you need it most (read: that dreaded spin class). When it comes to styling your knee pants, you can choose to wear them as a secret layer or by themselves ? or failing that, you can always pop them underneath your favourite shorts.

And last but by no means least, the Booty-full Sheer Tights. ?Working to give your derri?re the pert makeover that you dream of, the clever 20 denier sheers use a zoned control to lift & define. Concealing a medium shaping control in the boxer brief, the control will transform thighs and tums too whilst the specially designed contours (you?ll recognise these as heavily reinforced strips of fabric) will grant your booty an uplifted and youthful look. Ladies, these ought to be at the top of your lust have list for the season ahead!

If you?re after even more shaping magic (and let?s face it, who isn?t?), have a browse through the rest of the Spanx family ? and remember to always follow the size guide provided to get the ultimate fit for your frame.

Until next time ladies…



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