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Bad Blood, Great Style

Taylor Swift - Wolford Stella Tights

Taylor in her Stella Tights

She’s only gone and done it again! Of course, we’re referring to Taylor Swift, or as we like to call her, ‘the best dressed legs in showbiz’, who this week premiered the new video for her latest single Bad Blood. Not only music to our ears but for our eyes too, the video was packed full of A-list faces, visual effects and most importantly, Wolford hosiery! The luxury Austrian brand clearly holds a special place in Taylor’s heart, choosing not one but two styles from their fabulous collection. In typical MyTights fashion, we have everything you need to recreate the look, stocking both of the styles worn in the video. So while you might not have her millions in the bank, her musical talent or celebrity friends, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the same legwear look as Swifty herself…


Wolford Stella Tights

Wolford Stella Tights


Geometric prints are everywhere at the moment, but if you needed any more excuses to try out the trend, follow Taylor’s lead and opt for the Wolford Stella Tights. These 20 denier sheers have a striking graphic side seam that runs up the leg and culminates in a chic sewn in band at stay up height. While Taylor glams hers up with a black mini, there’s no reason why they can’t be dressed down for the daytime, too. All you need is a pair of denim shorts and white long sleeved tee and you have a look that any pop princess would be proud of!


Taylor Swift - Wolford Individual 10 Stockings

And in the Individual 10 Stockings!


Not to be outdone, Taylor can also be spotted in the Wolford Individual 10 Stockings, which she paired with heeled boots and a skirt with a risqué front split. Packed full of the luxury features that Wolford customers are accustomed to, these silky soft stockings come with 6.5cm plain tops that gently hug your thighs without even a hint of pinching. Perfect with just about anything in your wardrobe and for any occasion, if they’re good enough for Taylor…

Wolford Individual 10 Stockings

Wolford Individual 10 Stockings


We don’t think it’ll be too long before Taylor’s hosiery is making the headlines again, so watch this space…

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Try Out Stockings à la Madonna & Taylor Swift!

Madonna & Taylor in their fab stockings!

Madonna & Taylor in their fab stockings!


Aristoc Sensuous 10D Lace Top Stockings

Aristoc Sensuous 10D Lace Top Stockings

We love nothing more than when two of our favourite music stars join forces; it always makes for a brilliant pop song. Eminem and Rihanna, Nelly & Kelly, the list goes on. Now it’s the turn of none other than Madonna and Taylor Swift to set the airwaves alight and produce a new song that we’ll undoubtedly have in our heads for months to come. Performing their much anticipated single Ghost Town at the iHeartMusic Radio Awards, it seems that it’s not just musical talent that the pair have in common, with both the undisputed queen of pop and current golden girl Swift performing in matching stockings!

In her first public performance since THAT fall at the Brit Awards and opting to play it safe and sit on a stool (wise move!), Madonna layered her black stockings over a pair of trademark fishnets, finishing off her vampy look with knee high leather boots and a rather odd corseted outfit. Taylor’s outfit, on the other hand, was a slightly more classic affair, wearing her lovely lace top stockings with a sleeveless black dress and knee high lace up boots. Two very different looks with one thing in common, the performance confirmed exactly what we knew – stockings are back. Are you loving their legwear? If you are, MyTights.com have a fantastic array of stockings on offer, be it winter-warming opaques or racy fishnets, so there’s no reason why you can’t replicate it should you wish…

If it’s a classic pair of sheer stockings a la Taylor you’re after, a great place to start is with the Aristoc Sensuous 10D Lace Top Stockings. Near on identical to Swifty, the lace top adds instant glamour to your wardrobe, while the slight sheen finish is great for perfecting a polished evening look. Whether you follow Taylor’s lead and opt for an LBD or play it casual in a pair of denim shorts and statement tee, these are a fabulous (not to mention affordable) choice. Looking for something that’s a little more everyday? No problem, simply turn your attention to the brilliant Charnos Elegance Ultra Sheer Stockings, a case of the name speaking for itself, with their classic plain top and understated sheen. Great for the office, they’ll only set you back £6.25 a pair.

While we’d suggest accessorising your stockings with something a little more demure than Madonna herself, there’s no denying that her layered fishnet tights added some wow factor to her look. To mirror this, how about treating yourself to the Jonathan Aston Fishnet Stockings? All the sultry appeal of stockings but with a classic fishnet base to get everyone talking, there’s no easier way to give your simple evening wear an edgy twist!

Fallen hook, line and sinker for sultry stockings? Make sure you cast your eyes over our full range!



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Have You Ever Considered Suspender Belts? Maybe You Should…

seduction setTypically associated with being uncomfortable and slightly risqué, suspender belts are enjoying something of a sartorial comeback this season. And it’s not just petite, twenty-something’s who are opting to ditch their traditional undies in exchange for sexy suspender belts, either! With some careful consideration about what works for your style and body shape, suspender belts really can work for everyone.

Here at MyTights, we love the glamorous and flirty look that suspender belts can offer. Equally perfect for a special occasion as for everyday wear, they’re also now incredibly easy to wear, thanks to streamlined design and simple contraptions that make wearing stockings a simple and stress-free process.  All you need to do is clip your stockings of choice to the belt and well…that’s it! Your stockings will stay firmly in place all day long. Simple, huh?

To make your lives that little bit easier, our hosiery experts have created the ultimate guide to wearing suspender belts, giving you the very best the market has to offer, and how each one could work for you.

Here’s our top picks:

What Katie Did Harlow Suspender Belt – Vintage Peach, £31


A must for those with tummy insecurities, this vintage inspired suspender belt comes with a powermesh panel that will work to suck in your tummy, and leave you brimming with confidence. There’s also six metal tipped suspender clips for maximum security, so you’ll have complete peace of mind, too!

Jonathan Aston Suspender Belt – Fuschia, Violet, Black, £9.95

Great if you love the retro edge that suspender belts offer, but want something a little more affordable, this pretty suspender belt from Jonathan Aston is decorated with cute bows, for a feminine twist. This is also a great choice if you’re a little wary about wearing suspender belts, being lightweight and particularly discreet when compared to others!

What Katie Did Maitresse Narrow Suspender Belt – Black, £31

The easiest from our selection to wear over underwear, this elegant suspender belt from What Katie Did is perfect if you want to add a subtle retro feel to your overall look. Also coming with a powermesh panel, the belt measures only 3.5cm in width, so this will allow you complete versatility in terms of underwear choice. Anything goes!

Beautifully glamorous, and actually extremely useful. Bet you didn’t think you’d be considering suspender belts, did you?

These styles for you? Why not browse our entire range of suspender belts? You might also want to stock up on stockings, while you’re at it, too.

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The perfect suspender belt!

Sultry and oh so stylish, suspender belts are the perfect way to inject a little old Hollywood glamour into your day. What?s more, the retro style can be worn secretly all day long underneath outfits, leaving you with a flirty spring in your step. J?adore! A lingerie drawer essential that peaked in popularity during the late 1950s, vintage enthusiasts What Katie Did have made it their mission to get the suspender belt firmly back into your daily routine.

But what makes the perfect suspender belt?

Forever here to advise us on all things retro inspired, founder Katie has compiled together a short video to help us make the right decision when choosing our belt. Broken down into three golden rules, be sure to keep them at the back of your mind when browsing their complete range that?s available on MyTights now…

First thing?s first, when it comes to choosing the fit of your belt, remember that it must fit on the waist. Along with creating a waspish waist that will keep others guessing, all good suspender belts will sit gently on the waist, as your hips will keep the belt in place and will prevent any sliding. You?ll soon find that highstreet versions won?t sit as neatly against the waist, but Katie advises us that this can be quickly fixed by going down a size or even adding a few stitches to ?take it in?. If customisation isn?t your cup of tea, fear not. The Maitresse Suspender Belt from What Katie Did fits perfectly against your waist and glides across hips for a snug yet secure fit.

Keen fans of the What Katie Did collection will quickly realise that all the belts (and even the girdle) come with six stocking straps, instead of the traditional four. Traditionally in the 40s and 50s, these straps used to be longer in length, leaving less distance between the bottom of the belt and the tops of the stockings. This limits the movement of the stockings when you walk, working to keep designs straight and your hosiery firmly in place. Over time, these straps have become shorter as the width of belts narrow. Aware that peace of mind is a must if you?re going to commit to the suspender style, Katie and her team of designers have done away with the traditional number of straps instead adding an additional two. Farewell twisted seams! As mentioned earlier, all What Katie Did garments feature these extra straps, so to get the full benefit, add the Maitresse Narrow Suspender Belt to your collection.

It?s the little details that count ladies! Showing us that the devil is in the detail, fabulous Katie explained that all clips need to be metal if you want your stockings to stay straight and in place. But before you throw out all existing suspender belts, take note! Some clips may very well be metal, but any metal clips coated in powder or nylon may have a different appearance. With highstreet versions, some clips may feature sliders which work to grip stockings. However, all clips from What Katie Did use special ?teeth? (don?t worry, these are barely noticable!) to grip the fabric and keep everything in place. To witness this up close, treat your lingerie drawer to the Harlow Suspender Belt and team with the Falke Seidenglatt 15 Stockings to perfect that sultry siren look.

Shop the entire What Katie Did collection here?and watch the video for yourself below!



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Laura’s choice – thigh’s the limit

As pretty as they are practical, it’s no wonder why stockings and hold ups have been a household favourite throughout the decades. Synonymous with old fashioned glamour and recognisable symbols of seduction, both styles have dressed legs for as long as our grandmothers can remember. Taking centre stage after the invention of nifty nylon, women were rarely seen without a pair on. Originally created for ‘the women who don’t want to wear trousers’, it  seems that the thigh high hosiery has now made it into the drawers of most, establishing themselves as a chic and everyday alternative to sheers & opaques.

Wolford Individual 10 Stockings

From patterned to plain, high drama to barely there, there’s a pair of stockings or hold ups for just about every occasion. Admittedly I tend to rely on tights for my journey to and from work on my bike (however I have mastered the tricky combination of heels and cycling!), but that’s not to say I haven’t picked up a few hints & tips along the way.

Not just for Valentine’s Day, stockings have fast become a work wear staple, offering complete freedom of movement despite that  hectic schedule. A rare memento of a glamorous time gone by, it is often said that stockings are the easiest way to inject a little playful fun into an otherwise understated outfit. Of course decision making is hindered by the fact that suspender belts now come in every colour imaginable, but when it comes to stockings, the classic vs contemporary divide makes life a little easier. If you consider Kate Middleton and Angelina Jolie your style saviours (sweeping Jolie’s blood pendant phase under the rug), then it’s clear that you’re an enthusiast of all things elegant. Well versed in everything that’s sophisticated, Wolford have perfected the classic stocking style, keeping aesthetics simple and fabrics luxurious. A shining example of everyday hosiery done well, the Individual 10 Stockings are just crying out to be worn underneath pencil skirts and shift dresses. Made in two versatile shades, these are guaranteed to last you throughout the year, adding a touch of effortless chic with every step.

And from the demure to the daring….If you adore a more risqué style and are no stranger to experimenting with your hosiery, then it seems that the Jive Seamed Stockings from Pamela Mann are for you. Packed full of flirty retro charm and a flattering backseam, the sheer stockings are the ultimate finishing touches for that tea dress, with enough colour options to your wardrobe happy. For the adventurous, the postbox red is perfect for clocking up second glances, aching to be teamed with polka dots and peep toes.Oroblu Bas Chic Up 15 Hold Ups

For those that are not a fan of fiddly belts and straps, the solution lies with hold ups. Not worlds apart from stockings, hold ups still climb thigh high but instead of detachable straps, grippy bands of silicone are neatly tucked away inside the tops. Avid readers of Laura’s Choice will not be surprised to learn that the Falke Shelina Hold Ups come out on top when it comes to my favoured hold ups. As the younger sister of the popular (and my favourite) Shelina Tights, the hold ups certainly do not disappoint. Created from the same elastic free fabric and delivering the same barely there look, the lightweight hold ups are a must have for those wanting to fake that sun kissed look. With no need for your passport, you can cheat your way to that Monte Carlo glow in seconds. And with five dermatologically tested shades to choose from, no legs shall be left behind! Just as good and available in a colour for every day of the week, the Oroblu Bas Chic Up 15 Hold Ups are perfect for both work and play. With seven different shades to treat your legs to, getting dressed in the morning has never been so simple. Made from a lightweight 15 denier, you’ll discover that just about every occasion and social engagement has been covered. Looking to stock up on autumnal colours now? Go for the warm brown or flattering navy. Want to fake an even and blemish free skin tone? Experiment with the nude tones available to discover the perfect match.

Preparing for your wedding this summer? Avoid forgetting your bridal hosiery and make sure that the Athena Bridal Hold Ups from Trasparenze are your ‘something new’. Great for adding an extra special finishing touch to your dress, the hold ups boast a pretty lace top for even more feminine charm. With a pure white or creamy nude shade to choose from, that walk down the aisle will never look so fab!

So whether it’s a special occasion in your social diary or you’re craving a gorgeous alternative to those tired sheers, be sure to venture into all things thigh high for an instant leg pick me up.

Until next time ladies…


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Friday Night Tights

sparkle-pattern-tightsThere’s nothing quite like a new outfit for  Friday night out, and whether you’re looking for a whole new look or just a cheap update to something you already own, make sure you don’t overlook your tightsThis week we’ve been lusting over Aristoc tights – the British brand is sometimes overlooked in favour of the better known Pretty Polly, but they have a great range of basics and capsule fashion collection that will have your Friday night look sorted in a trice, whatever you’re planning…

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How Not To Wear Stockings, By Madonna

Macy's "Material  Girl"  Collection LaunchMadonna’s appearance at the Billboard Awards on Sunday taught us one thing: however rich, famous and successful you might be, there are some looks you can’t work.  The pop icon might have won the award for Top Touring Artist for her hugely successful MDNA tour, but if there was one thing she was never going to win an award for, it was her outfit.

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Stocking up?

We love stockings!These days stockings are often overlooked in favour of the far more practical tights or hassle free hold ups, but if you’re one of the many who have switched from stockings or even never tried them, you could be missing a trick.  The ultimate way to inject some vintage glamour into your hosiery drawer, every woman should own a pair as part of her staple wardrobe.

Not only do they look amazing and make you feel sexy and sophisticated, wearing them with a suspender belt is a great option if you love the look of hold ups but are worried about them rolling or falling down.  And if stockings are inextricably linked in your mind with thick, ugly hosiery that looks far too obvious and is scratchy on your skin, think again – stockings have gone through exactly the same regeneration process as tights, so now you can get styles that are super comfy and look fabulous.

Sexy sheer stockings are perfect if you want a bare leg look for the office – try the Oroblu Secret 15 Stockings, which have a pretty lace top and come in a variety of shades so you can get one perfect for your skintone.  Or else opt for a shiny stocking like the perennially popular Pretty Polly Nylons Stockings which have a mega shiny finish that will give you the glossiest pins in town!

For a hot date your LBD is crying out for classic back seam stockings which have a gorgeous retro feel – plus seams are wonderfully flattering as they make your pins appear longer AND slimmer!  We love the Jonathan Aston Seam and Heel Lycra Stockings, which come in black or nude and have a purse friendly price, too.  Opaque stockings are the way forward when the weather turns colder and you need to start covering up a little more.  The Trasparenze Sandra 70D Stockings come in 4 classic shades and have a matte finish that goes with everything you own.  The 70 denier construction mean these will get you through frosty mornings with ease – plus they feel incredibly soft on your skin.

Of course if you love the look but really can’t bear to fumble around with a suspender belt, Charnos have made your life easy with the new addition to their boudoir collection – the All In One Suspender Stockings.  Featuring stockings already attached to a suspender belt that you simply need to clip on around your waist, you really haven’t got any excuses now!  Whether you go for sheer or opaque, fashion or plain, the humble stocking will add a dash of vintage charm to your look – so start stocking up now for a bit of wow factor for your wardrobe.



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Stockings: Through The Years

Rihanna rocks hers with just a t-shirt. Beyonce shows hers off on stage. Paris Hilton adores wearing mock versions of them. It seems no other style has come further in the hosiery world than stockings. Once used as a method to protect your modesty during the 19th century, stockings are now the finishing touch to any ensemble.

Craving a vintage backseam? A fan of fishnet stockings? Throughout the years, designers have played with new patterns and fabrics to bring you the latest trend to hit the catwalks and dominate the high streets. But where did it all begin?

Well, as it so happens, both men and women took a fancy to stockings before the introduction of trousers in the 18th century. After that, the demand was driven by females alone, as the Victorian era dictated that to flash a bit of ankle bordered on obscene! With the emphasis on functionality rather than fashion, stockings were to be hidden away under dresses and skirts, tucked into corners of the wardrobe.  

It was only after World War 1 that stockings became a little less about modesty and little more about style, as designers began to play with new shades and tones. By the 1920’s, the nations obsession with ankles had deteriorated and with this stockings developed a new found role – to decorate legs! With women encouraged to show off their pins, hosiery brands were forced to find newer and more exciting products to feed the ever expanding hunger – and this is exactly how nylon stockings came to fruition.

Invented in the UK but created across the pond in the USA, the stockings were given their name from the two locations – NY and LONdon (don’t say we never

teach you anything!). After going on sale in 1940, the nation managed to get their hands on over 64 million pairs within the year. And that’s a lot of nylon! With the arrival of the ultra stretchy Lycra in 1959, stockings took on a new lease of life, providing stretch and durability like never before. Our favourite Pretty Polly Nylons Tights were a direct result of this, and they continue to combine classic glamour with a gorgeous fit. Available in 9 different shades, there’s an option for every outfit and occasion, with a back seam version too for all those vintage enthusiasts.

Of course, the obsession with mini-skirts and risqué hemlines soon impacted the demand for stockings in the 60s, as tights began to take over in the hosiery race. Thankfully, it appears that this hasn’t dampened our desire for stockings at all, as the nation still relies on the style to deliver allure and comfort time after time. And for those who crave a little more

coverage? Try out the fab mock suspender tights, for a faux stocking design that delivers the warmth of sheers. Hooray!

So whether you’re after a more demure style or full on flirty fun, shop our stocking collection now to find the perfect pair!

Hungry for more hosiery history? Learn more from this fab article on the Lady blog.

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V-Day Special: Sultry or Sweet?

Its official ladies, the countdown to the special day has begun, with just over a week until all things romantic invade offices, restaurants & bars. The

day in question of course, is Valentine’s Day. Whether you choose to believe that a small cherub with a nifty bow & arrow kick started it or not, it’s still here and celebrated. And for us, it’s the perfect excuse to invest in some new hosiery…

There’s something for everyone, as you decide whether to go for super sweet…or sultry. As ever, we’re here to make your decision easier, so we’ve whittled down the best of both worlds for you. Enjoy!


Sultry – Conjuring up images of 40’s pin ups and Hollywood starlets, nothing says sultry quite like a pair of stockings. Perfect for adding that retro touch to any V-Day ensemble, these Oroblu Secret 15 Stockings should be on every cupid-themed shopping list. It seems that OK! Magazine agrees with us on this too, as they’ve added a silky nightdress to the gorgeous stockings, with stunning results!

Sweet – Now whilst the allure of stockings is immediately obvious, we understand that it might be a bit full on for that understated date to the cinema. This

doesn’t rule them out completely though, as stockings are adored by ladies all round for the comfort and freedom that they offer. Remaining hidden away under hemlines, there’s nothing like the sexy confidence that a pair of secret stockings can create. To keep your look playful, step into a pair of the Pamela Mann Jive Seamed Stockings. With a cute seam detail, opt for the Natural colour way to keep things subtle yet glam.


Sultry- If you’re after a compromise between sex appeal and the elements outside, we’ve found the answer in the Trasparenze Brazil Tights. Blue legs and non-stop shivering will never (thankfully) be en vogue, so pull on these 40 denier mock suspender tights to add an opulent, lacy touch to your outfit, whilst protecting your pins. We heart them!

Sweet – Cheeky by name and cheeky by nature, these Pretty Polly Cheeky Coloured Suspender & Knicker Tights are a must for any Valentine’s wardrobe. Butter wouldn’t melt as a colourful mock suspender design comes complete with bubblegum pink faux-knickers! Style with a flirty hemline to reveal the stripy tops and you’re guaranteed the leg limelight.


Sultry- French is certainly the language of love, so what could more fitting than these amorous Pamela Mann Je T’aime Back Seam Tights? Using the lingo, they spell out the word of the day, with a flattering seam detail to lengthen legs. We plan to team ours with that LBD and killer heels…

Sweet – This may be more to the taste of the cynics out there, as we’ve found a pattern that still screams charming, without a single love heart in sight. Featured in this week’s LOOK Magazine,it seems spotty tights are a happy medium, adding that something special to an outfit with their dainty dots. For all the polka dot princesses out there craving dotty tights, why not try the Pamela Mann Sheer Dots Tights, or for a bigger impact, the luxurious Bonny Dots Tights from Wolford?

So there you have it ladies, the choice is all yours. It only comes round once a year so make the most of it we say! Sultry or sweet – you decide…

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