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Work Thick Opaques Like Departing Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton…

We'll miss you Fearne!

We’ll miss you Fearne!

Fearne Cotton broke our hearts this week when she revealed she’s leaving her slot on Radio 1 after ten glorious years on our airwaves. What are we going to do without her? But it’s not all bad news, as the reason behind her departure is a happy one – she’s pregnant with her second child! Cute!  On her first public outing since making the announcement, the glowing star showed she’s nowhere near ready to swap her quirky style for tracksuit bottoms and slippers just yet, being papped in a chic camel coat, brick print jumper, leopard print skirt and thick tights. Tights like this are the perfect backdrop for wearing with statement pieces, not to mention keeping the cold at bay on frosty March mornings.

Lusting after Fearne’s snug style? Cast your eyes over our selection of fantastic winter tights below…

The everyday essential – Quality opaque tights that won’t lead to a fallout with your bank manager, the Aristoc 80D Opaque Tights are ideal for everyday wear. Made with deluxe nano yarns for exquisite softness, it’s hard to believe they’re only £9 a pair!

Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights

Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights

Evening glamour – proving that plain tights can add the je ne sais quoi to your look, the Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights come with a gorgeous high shine finish. Shimmering your way to dancefloor success, these are the perfect accessory for a night sipping cocktails, and what’s more, come in 4 shades to match any ensemble.

A helping hand – put your gym pass to one side and cheat your way to a svelte pins with the Calvin Klein Ultra Fit 80D Tights. With light shaping control discreetly tucked away in ribbed control panels, these thick winter tights tame your problem zones and leave you with a chic legwear look to boot.

Pamela Mann 80 Denier Plus Size Tights

Pamela Mann 80 Denier Plus Size Tights

Mega-thick – sometimes regular  tights just won’t suffice. The answer? The mega-thick opaqueness of the Falke Pure Matt 100D Tights of course! Made in a versatile matte finish and choice of eight shades, these give new dimensions to the meaning of ‘cosy’!

Fuller figures – Flatter your curves in the Pamela Mann Plus Size 80D Tights. Specially designed for curvaceous beauties and made to accommodate dress sizes up to a size 32, these are the only winter tights you need to last you through to spring.Not found the perfect style for you? Good news, there’s more; be sure to check our huge range of thick tights before you leave…

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Thick Black Opaques: A Style Battle!

Emma Willis looking characteristically fab! Generally as far as winters go, this one hasn’t been too bad. Sure, we’ve rarely been able to leave the house without at least a few layers, but we’ve admittedly done pretty well. That is, until this week of course! Thousands of us across the country have been hit with a dreaded cold snap, bringing with it a blanket of snow and forcing hundreds of schools to shut down for the day. While celebrities usually have a knack of being able to wear sheer tights or bare legs all year round, it seems that the current cold weather has proved too much for two of MyTights style favourites. Both Fearne Cotton and Emma Willis this week opted to wrap up warm, stepping out in a pair of thick black opaque tights, albeit channelling rather different looks. But the question that’s on all of our lips; who wore it best?Fearne Cotton at BBC Radio 1 Studios, London, Britain - 23 Jan 2015

Celebrity Big Brother presenter and all round golden girl Emma Willis braved this week’s live eviction in a stunning floral PVC jacket, high neck burgundy mini and chic suede heels, finishing off her quirky look with a pair of thick black opaques. While we don’t think Emma’s jacket is wearable for us normal folk, we can’t help but admire her gorgeous ensemble, and we particularly loved her choice of burgundy dress, which nailed the trend for block colours perfectly. Opting for a pair of black heels also gave her bottom half a uniformed appearance, showing off her slim legs brilliantly. We salute you Emma! Moving on now to Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton, who wore her black opaques as part of a more relaxed daytime look. Protecting herself from the elements in a glamorous leopard print coat, the TV personality wore a somewhat unusual (although stylish) mix of a pastel knitted jumper and matching dress in a floaty chiffon fabric. Finishing around the mid-calf, her dress allowed for a hint of her thick black opaques to shine though. Typical of Fearnes style, her outfit was certainly original, but we can’t help think it had a little too much going on to pip Emma to the post.

This round goes to the lovely Mrs Willis!

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I’ve been fleeced! We roadtest all the fleecy styles and give our verdict…

I have a confession to make.  I know that, as someone that works at a tights company, I should be a firm advocate of bold colours and unusual designs – and I am.  On other people.  But in my hosiery drawer the shameful truth is revealed – I’m an addict of the plain black opaque.  I can’t help it: no matter how many times I dare to be different when it comes to legwear, I always end up back at the same place.  One of my colleagues recently referred to them as the “LBD of the hosiery world”, and I think they’ve got it spot on – it’s that timeless staple that goes with everything, always looks chic and never goes out of fashion.

Last year I was introduced to fleecy tights, and a whole new obsession was born.  Super thick, they give the unbeatable coverage I crave, with the extra magical warming properties.  Add into the equation a super soft lining that feels like you’re wrapped in a blanket all day long… what’s not to love?  Pretty Polly was the first product we stocked, and I relied on them to get me through last winter.  But now other brands have started to release their own versions, so I decided it was time to roadtest all the options and give you my professional opinion…

Pretty Polly Fleecy Tights

Yay: The originals and the thickest style of our collection.  These really do do what it says on the tin – I wore these to a fireworks display and (along with copious amount of mulled wine) they did the trick – I couldn’t even feel the wind or rain and my feet stayed toasty warm.

Nay: They’re super thick, which is great for warmth, but can look a bit chunky on your legs – you may want to avoid if you’re already a little self-conscious of your thighs and want to avoid any extra bulk.  The thickness also makes them the least elegant option, so they work better for day than evening.

My verdict: The perfect option for daytime wear, outdoor events, and snowy days.

Falke Warm Deluxe 80 Tights

Yay: Fleecy perfection without the bulk.  These 80 denier opaques use thermal properties to lock in the heat and have the same super soft lining as the other styles, but look like regular opaque tights on the leg, which makes them ideal for elegant evening wear.  They come in a range of gorgeous colours, too, if you’re that way inclined.

Nay: The price tag.  At £26, they’re not exactly purse friendly.  You do get what you pay for in terms of quality and longevity, but they might be a stretch for your pre payday bank balance.

My verdict: The luxury option – great for wearing in the evening.  If you can’t justify the price, why not put them on your Christmas list, instead?

Pamela Mann Fleecy Thermal Tights

Yay: Super warm and soft but not as thick as the Pretty Polly Tights, these are good if it’s not freezing cold or if you’re likely to end up in a heated office, because they’ll keep you cosy but still let your legs breathe a little.  Plus, they come with a purse friendly price tag.

Nay: Although the name says thermal, and they are incredibly warm, in actual fact these don’t technically have thermal properties.  So although they feel gorgeously soft, they won’t actually lock in extra heat like the other styles.

My verdict: Great if you want a finer fleecy but can’t quite stretch to the Falke version.

Pretty Polly Fleecy Footless

Yay: The footless version of the Pretty Polly Fleecy Tights (they come in knee highs too!), these have all the same great features – super thick, super soft and gorgeous to wear.  I’m not a huge fan of leggings, but I’ll be layering these under shorts when out running on frosty mornings.

Nay: I kind of don’t quite get why you wouldn’t want the fleecy loveliness to extend all the way to your toes, plus as with the tights, you may feel that they’re quite heavy on the leg.

My verdict: If you’re a lover of leggings, you’ll quickly fall for these – and they’re great for wearing with long jumpers or layering under trousers.

Psst! We also have a Charnos version due to hit shelves very soon – I’ll be back with my verdict on those as soon as they arrive, so watch this space…



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Trend Alert: Camouflage meets glamour!

Yes, that?s rights ladies, you read that right. But we?re not talking head to toe and we?re certainly not talking about SOS accessories either. But folding chairs and tents aside, it appears that the meant-to-blend pattern has quickly become one of the hottest microtrends this season. And whilst camo-print tights may be taking it a step too far (remember you still have to make that commute ? twice), we?ve rounded up our pick of hosiery which will complete any glamo (camouflage + glamour) ensemble with ease. Hooray!


First off is khaki. Less harsh and at times more flattering than black, the must have military tone is perfect for teaming underneath camo inspired coats and dresses without taking away from your overall look. The self-titled Queen of Shops agrees too, with Mary Portas incorporating a ?Cool Khaki? shade into her Almost Opaque 40 Tights. With subtle dark grey tones throughout, the luxurious looking tights remain demure enough for both work and play whilst providing their fair share of camo accents. Worried about staying snug and stylish? Making it easy to work the microtrend when the weather is having an off day, the cosy Gennifer Merino Wool Tights from Trasparenze are just the ticket. Created using a gorgeous merino wool mix, these are available in both a forest Bosco green and lighter, taupe Noisette tone. Given that both make an appearance on the camo-colour spectrum, legs & hosiery drawers are left spoilt for choice, a problem that we don?t mind having on Monday mornings. To style, earn chic points with a quilted shift dress and chunky cut out boots, leaving your thick tights to deliver the glamo factor.


Of course, you can?t pay homage to the world of camouflage without giving special mention to net ? fishnet in particular. Utility chic at its best, fishnets are a hassle free compromise between fashion & functionality, quickly proving to be a must have for all hosiery drawers. A big contender on the style radar already, clock up fashion brownie points by stepping into earthy toned nets, much like the Pamela Mann Fishnet Tights. Available in a bottle green and chocolate brown (alongside every other colour in the rainbow), these will look great teamed with a leather skirt and simple tee. After more fishnet fun? Take your hosiery credentials up a notch with Mary Portas & Charnos Fishnet Armery. A definite nod to the 90?s glam grunge trend, the netted sleeves are great for layering underneath shorter sleeves and over sleeveless dresses (these are also fab for those who aren?t in love with their arms!).

So there you have it ladies, camouflage made chic. Love it or loathe it? Whatever you decide, just remember to keep the war paint at home…


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Summer's Over Already…

As quintessentially British as it might seem, we just want to take a moment to talk about the weather.  We just can’t keep up at the moment – no sooner had we unpacked our shorts and flip flops last weekend, dug out the barbeque and start planning picnics than we had to dig out our coat and boots again.  Sadly, the cooler weather seems to be sticking around for a while and as the sunshine can be deceiving (if you go out in bare legs chances are you’ll look as though you’re wearing blue tights by the time you get to the office), it may not quite be time to give up on your thicker tights.

Cotton Tights are ideal for the type of weather we’re getting at the moment, as they give great coverage

and will keep your legs warm but are also comfy and breathable, so they’re perfect for wearing all day at work.

A host of celebrities have been seen recently in classic opaques, including Rihanna, Fearne Cotton and Katy Perry – so apparently they’re not boring… they’re fashion!  As much as we love fashion tights, plainer styles are great when you’re rocking a really eye-catching outfit and don’t want to draw attention away from that great dress/necklace/haircut.

A pair of black cotton tights is a wardrobe staple, but have you considered trying out new colours?  Our collection of cotton tights is available in a range of colours – grey always looks really chic when paired with navy dresses or skirts, or pep up basic black outfits with purple.

Of course, we can’t rely on the weatherman to tell us the truth 100% of the time – cialis professional no prescription so it might be worth keeping some sheer tights in your handbag, too – just in case.

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