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Spanx: Shapewear of the Gods, Whatever Your Shape

Tulisa might have been flashing her Spanx at the National Television Awards this week, but there’s no shame in showing off your control shapewear any more – she’s in good company, as shapewear’s legions of fans will demonstrate.  Spanx shapewear has no end of celebrity devotees, testament to its wide range of styles and control levels and shaping features for any problem area.  So find out which Spanx is for you based on your celebrity body…


Celebrity Body Double: Kristen Stewart

Kristen has a boyish shape, so if you’re like her you probably want to go for something that adds curves.  Open bust bodysuits will give you control but allow you to wear your own bra – or else try the Spanx Slimplicity Booty Booster Shorts, which have removable bum pads to give you a booty like Beyoncé’s.


Celebrity Body Double: Kim Kardashian

Kim has previously declared than

“Spanx are my best friend”, so it’s fair to assume that she’s a fan.  If you’ve got an hourglass figure like Kim, chances are you won’t need a bum booster product like Kristen.  Go for something that slims the hips like a strong control short – we love the Spanx In Power Line Super Higher Power, which is a bestseller with our customers, too.   And we’re sure the devotion won’t stop now she’s pregnant – she can just switch to Mama Spanx!


Celebrity Body Double: Adele

Apple shapes like Adele will want something that gives them that sought after hourglass figure.  Get something that adds shape by cinching in the waist, but make sure you use the Spanx size chart to avoid unsightly bulges in all the wrong places.  Adele has admitted to sometimes wearing two pairs of Spanx under red carpet looks – but there’s no need to go quite that far as you can get great extra strong support from Spanx ranges like the

Slim Cognito.


Celebrity Body Double: Brian Dowling

Spanx for women has been around for ever, and in the name of equality it’s only fair that we share the sculpting power of shapewear with the opposite sex.  Celebrity Big Brother host Brian Dowling has confessed to a love of the range, saying: “My stylist gets me the male Spanx,  It makes me lose a good inch and a half and puts my nipples up around my chin.  It’s amazing.”  Straight from the horse’s mouth – Spanx for men is the way forward, guys.


So whatever your shape, there’s a shapewear to fit, smooth and shape your body… just follow your celeb body double for the figure of your dreams!

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Our Favourite Hosiery Moments of 2012

As the year end approaches, everyone is winding down and reflecting on the year just past – not least us.  We’ve spent the week pondering our favourite (tights-related, naturally) moments of 2012…

1)      Kristen Stewart Shows off her Spanx Shapewear

Accidentally flashed her control underwear while on the Jay Leno show giving an

interview, making mere mortals everywhere breathe a sigh of relief.  Celebs are as self conscious as we are, it seems, as lots of other stars came out of the shapewear underwear closet in the year, including X Factor judge Tulisa and Katy Perry, who are both said to favour the shaping underwear over hard exercise and diet.  Ladies after our own hearts – and you can get the look with our range of Spanx UK products!

2)      Little Mix – Just Generally!

The winners of last year’s X Factor have taken over from Jessie J as the unofficial face of funky tights this year.  We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve squealed in delight over some of the hot legwear styles they’ve rocked over the past 12 months.  It all started with those personalised

Henry Holland tights (we are still green with envy) and now the girls are our favourite legwear advocates.  Keep up the good work, girls!

3)      Mary Portas launches her range of Control Tights

Retail guru Mary Portas had a hugely successful launch last year of her range of hosiery and armery in 2011, and in 2012 she followed it up with a collection of shaping control tights.  Including 2 fashion designs, not only did she put an end to the choice between fashion and comfort – she loved them so much she wore them every night on Channel 4’s Hotel GB.


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Spanx’s Latest Celebrity Fan…

Another week, another celeb fan coming out of the shapewear closet. This week it was the turn of the Tulisa Constavlos, aka the feistiest lady in pop and X Factor judge, who lost her last act – 16 year old Ella Henderson – at the weekend to general outcry. The ex-N-Dubz-turned-solo-star has confessed that – gasp – she’d rather just buy cialis online uk slip on a pair of Spanx than diet, according to Heat Magazine.

Finally! A celeb that actually admits to liking food and even more, eating it! We thought it was generally accepted that celebrities live on a complex diet of vitamin water, unicorn-purified air and the occasional sniff of a McDonald’s bag (yes, we’re looking at you, Miley Cyrus), but now we know the truth. Goodbye, Gym! Farewell, Low Fat snacks! From now on, we’ll be doing a Tulisa and relying on shapewear to keep us svelte over the party season.

Spanx’s In Power Line Super Higher Power shaping shorts made it onto Heat’s top three shapers. The high waisted shaping shorts come in black or nude and has strong control for ultimate shaping power and a super-steamlined silhouette, which makes it one of our favourites, too! But if that’s not quite what you are after, not to worry. Whatever you’re wearing, there’s a Spanx to go with it, from shorts to briefs, bodysuits to slips, and camisoles to open bust shapers.

Ok, so maybe we won’t REALLY be able to ditch the gym and eat whatever we like (Spanx UK might be miracle workers but even miracles have their limits); but there’s no denying that being able to get a secret,

instant nip and tuck will mean we can tuck into our favourite Christmas treats, a little more relaxed that we’re still going to fit into our party frocks.

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The Classic Wolford with a sexy twist!

She’s had a pretty major style overhaul lately and we think Tulisa from N-Duz is looking all the better for it.  She’s definitely looking much more grown up and sure of herself.  We’ve spotted her recently wearing the New Wolford Artiste tights. This look leaves us in no doubt that Tulisa means business!!   This year the N-Dubz singer, along with her band, plan to crack America.   With this sexy, feisty twist on the classic Wolford, she surely cannot not go unnoticed stateside.

With Cheryl Cole, Jessie J and now Tulisa confirmed as fans, it seems wearing Wolford is a celeb’s favourite way to make that statement entrance.  By joining the Wolford pack with these Artiste Tights, Tulisa is proving her celebrity status and she has never looked better.

So if you want to turn heads like a celeb,  check out the fantastic Wolford range. The Wolford Artiste Tights are now available at Mytights.com.

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