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NEW StoxBox… and my other essential accessories

stoxbox-mainWith the arrival of the fabulous Stoxbox this week at MyTights, I’ve been thinking about my favourite hosiery accessories…

The aforementioned Stoxbox is the brainchild of creator Danielle Ashcroft, who, having bought a pair of fashion tights only to discover she already owned the exact same pair, came up with the idea of a clever little box to make hosiery storage simple.  All you do is insert the round edged wonder into the leg of your tights and twist all the excess into the hole at the back of the hollow cube.    I am already a huge fan, and since swiping the samples sent to us months ago, have been badgering the rest of the team about when they were due to arrive!  If you’re the type of woman who, like me, likes to label her shoeboxes with polaroids, you’ll love your new, streamlined hosiery drawer.  And with all the extra space you’ve created, why not fill it up with some of my other essential hosiery accessories?

An absolute must-have if you want to keep your hosiery in tip top condition, a washbag will prevent your tights from tangling in the wash AND protect them from snagging on zips and clasps.  Try the budget busting Charnos washbag, with a mesh design to let the suds work their

magic and a zip closure to make sure your hosiery stays put.  Or for a little treat go for the luxury version: the Wolford Wash Bag is larger, plus it features a satin ribbon hook and sweet rosebud  detail.  Most hosiery will


withstand a machine wash at 30°, particularly if you’re also using a hosiery bag.  But if you’ve got something extra fragile or you are just in the habit of handwashing your smalls, the Wolford Wash will treat your hosiery to some TLC (it can also be used in your machine).  Specially designed to be gentle to your garments, this mild detergent will wash away the day’s hard grind in a flash.

If you’re anything like me, you want your hosiery to last and last, particularly if you’ve splashed out on a luxury option- which is why the Wolford Hosiery Gloves, with their soft, satiny feel, are the perfect bodyguard for your favourite legwear.  Yes, they might make you look like a mime artist, but they’ll also protect your hosiery from sharp rings and rough nails – a trade I’ll take over snagged tights any day of the week!

And from looking after your tights to taking care of your feet, that’s not all you should stock up on for your hosiery drawer.  No woman, however glamorous, is immune to the pain that a day in tricky heels can cause, which is why I highly recommend the Levante Shoe Monkeys Foot Cushions, which not only prevent slipping but will add a little soothing pillow for the ball of your foot.  If you’re thinking that blisters are more of a nuisance, the Levante Shoe Monkeys Heel Cushion does the same job but for the back of your foot, preventing chafing


and sparing you the agony of having to “break in” those new heels for 2 weeks before you actually want to wear them.

Speaking of new shoes, have you ever teamed a pair with your gorgeous new tights, only to realise to your dismay that the tights are so super soft that every time you take a step your foot whooshes out, leaving your shoe several paces behind on the pavement?  Well, good news, Cinderella – the Levante Shoe Monkeys Strap Strips will stop your feet slipping AND prevent against rubbing – plus you can trim them down to size with scissors, so they work just as well for strappy sandals as they do for glass slippers.

So whether it’s smart storage, tights TLC or heel healing your heart desires, stock up on my favourite essentials – and get ready to revel in your beautiful new hosiery drawer!



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