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Little Mix Win X Factor Wearing Henry Holland!!!

We’ve been rooting for X Factor winners Little Mix right the way from the beginning, and so we were absolutely thrilled when the girlband stormed their way to victory on the show at the weekend.  Fiesty, cool and endearingly normal, we instantly fell for their quirky style (not JUST their love of hosiery, we promise!).

The best thing about the band’s fashion choices were that they shunned the traditional “sexy” girlband choices of teeny tiny skirts and sky high heels, preferring trainers and high street apparel – choices accessible to us mere mortals.  Or so we thought.

Enter Henry Holland, hotshot Brit designer and style icon, who made no secret of the fact that he was a huge Little Mix fan from the off.  The girls had already been spotted in various Henry Holland designs (including the All Over Bones Tights, pictured right, and the Superstar Tights) on the show.  But at the end of November, Jade was spotted wearing a very special pair of tights indeed (which you can see here), and wore them again for the X Factor final.  The customised Henry Holland tights looked like his bestselling Alphabet Tights, but on closer inspection, the letters, which on the original design spelt out “HENRY” on one leg and “HOLLAND” on the other, they spelt out “LITTLE” and “MIX”.

Let us just say right now: we still love Little Mix.  We would forgive them anything.  We will accept their fancy new bespoke designer clothes.  But we can’t deny it: we want customized Henry Holland tights so badly we could cry…

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X Factor Girls Reveal All!

The three remaining X Factor girls (we miss you, Sophie Habibis) joined Now magazine for a chat and photoshoot last week, and glammed up in a selection of red hot tights. Showing us exactly how to work the trend for statement tights that seems to be everywhere this season, they’ve given us some great ideas for our festive party outfits.

Mischa B pulls off opaque hot pink tights with style. Teaming them with multicoloured sequins and natty accessories, she looks fierce! They’ll look great on pale redheads and darker skin tones, but a word of warning: steer clear if you have pink toned skin, and blondes should be careful they don’t end up looking like Barbie.

Amelia Lily wears star print tights just like Henry Holland’s Superstar tights in black with her showgirl ensemble. These tights are perfect for capturing the trend for stars that we’ve caught glimpses of throughout the season, and the black ones are even classic enough for the office… or for a truly twinkling festive look, check out the multicoloured glittery version! Henry Holland tights have also been spotted on the last remaining group, Little Mix, who have previously worn his Superstar and All Over Bones tights. The designer himself has made no secret of his love for the group, tweeting a picture of himself with the band yesterday with the caption “Life. Made. #littlemixforlife”.

But the real fashion kudos goes, perhaps unexpectedly, to Janet Devlin for working two styles perfectly. Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that she’s got the hosiery situation spot on. Working the trend for stars with a sparkling black dress, the adding of opaque purple tights turns a pretty dress into an outstanding outfit! The plum colour is perfect for winter and works as great with biker boots, like Janet, as it does with heels. As if that wasn’t enough, Janet came back for more fashion points in a second striking style. Chic black cocktail shorts and a cropped jacket let the twinkling bustier and star pendant take centre stage. The addition of Henry Holland’s Suspender Tights gave the outfit a sexy, tailored twist that made her look more funky and less “put together”.

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Christina Aguilera stuns in embellished tights

With the release of the Burlesque movie fast approaching, Christina Aguilera is the style queen everyone is watching, and she’s not only favouring fishnets. She stunned the crowds on Saturday night’s X-Factor performance in her sparkling embellished tights. These hand made beauties from Bebaroque, with their gorgeous crystals and pearls, fetch for £195. But fear not if that is a little out of your price range, we have a great selection of embellished tights available from just £8.00 – choose from sparkly sequins to stunning studs, whether you want something subtle or daring there is something for everyone….


Henry Holland City Tights – As Seen on Agyness Deyn!

We have just received the Henry Holland City Tights! These sheer black tights feature iconic prints of all the fashion capitals landmarks! They remind of us the original Henry Holland Alphabet Tights, and what’s more Agyness Deyn was spotted wearing the New York tights at London Fashion Week! Plus if you’re a fan of X-Factor like us, you may have noticed Sophia from Belle Amie sporting a pair too!