The Best of the Opaques

When we conducted a survey last year asking women of all ages what their stalwart products were when it came to tights, it’s no surprise that opaques reigned supreme. If you think about it, they are a number of best friends all rolled into one. For starters a good pair of opaque tights can hide anything from grey skin, to unshaved legs to muscles that could do with a workout. Get a good weave or decent denier and these babies are wonderfully warm but still show off one of your best features – let’s face it, who doesn’t have good looking legs in opaques??? Last but definitely not least, there are sooo many colours now that you could change your look everyday for whole month without changing your type of tights. So I hear you cry, what should I buy to fulfil all of these promises? Well here’s my pick of the bunch…

Let’s start with a semi-opaque 40 denier, a good ‘Cruise’ weight as you wait for glorious autumn to shake off it’s leaves and turn into a full blown winter. Jonathan Aston remains one of our bestsellers of all time. Eighteen different colours make up a spectrum of looks and the matte finish and reinforced toes mean that these legs have longevity – a snip at £6 per pair. Aristoc 40D Microfibre Tights are the product of choice for the more classic dresser amongst us. Six shades including classic navy and deep purple these have a lovely smooth finish and are seamless all the way down. A little more pricey at £15

a pair but look on these as investment tights. Treat them well and they will still be there next winter. Falke Seidenglatt 40D Shiny Tights are the requisition stocking filler tights. Again, more of a premium brand at £16 per pair but the girls in my office tell me that they have had three and more winters out of one pair of these so definitely worth the money.

Now 50 denier and 60 denier tights are newcomers to the marketplace and a bit more substantial when those north winds start to blow. Pamela Mann lead the way here with colour and their explosive 22 colours range have something for everyone. A great budget buy at £4.95, these have really good colour and texture and the addition of Lycra 3D gives added stretch and comfort. Falke Pure Matt 50D Opaque Tights are the grown up sister to the Falke Seidenglatt Shiny Tights I mentioned above. These are pure moody in a range of four couture shades including black, navy and brown. As with every Falke product design and finish is supreme and these tights might retail at £16 but they will fast become the best fashion friend you ever had. The same promises are made by Levante 50D Suede Matte Opaque Hold Ups, which are the no gusset version. A lovely flat opaque in two classic colours, these are the hold ups that you’ll always want in your wardrobe. Pretty Polly has the flip side to Falke and Levante’s moody shades and their primary burst of raspberry red and royal blue in a shiny finish is a direct contrast. At £8 per pair these are middle of the road price wise and who can fail to love red with Christmas almost on us? Speaking of Christmas, Wolford is another Christmas wish list luvvie and their Wolford Velvet de Luxe 66 are our bestselling luxurious tights. Showcasing the usual suspects of black, grey and navy, Wolford also have Coca in their range, a very festive chocolate brown tinged with gold. A bit like Galaxy for your legs! Now don’t get your hopes up with regards to snagging a bargain here. These are £21 tights but an affordable treat and a great Christmas present request that you’ll be wearing for many winters to come.

Now Santa’s little helpers – opaque control top tights – come in all shapes and sizes and deniers and Aristoc Bodytoners Opaque Toner Tights represent the hosiery department with a matte finish and hidden tummy, bum and thigh support. ShaToBu can go one further and promise that you’ll actually tone up while you wear their tights. ShaToBu Get Fit High Waist Shaping Tights do exactly what they say on the box, using shaping technology that supports and burns calories at the same time, these tights were developed by a doctor for her patients before being sold on the open market. At just over £20 your purse may not thank you but your tired muscles certainly will.

Rather than ‘how low can we go’, this is more a case of how

high can we go and you know the warmth factor has crept up when you slide on a pair of 70 or 80 denier tights. Don’t worry though, these are not quite second skins, more a cold weather coating for your legs. Good old Falke are represented here too and their Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights have nine great colours, with an elegant sheen, for the more sophisticated look including Barolo, a deep port wine red and Marine, a darker than dark navy. At £18 these are up there price wise, but there are no scratchy seams or poor stitching here, this is a super luxurious product that will serve you better. Now Mary Portas is still a relative newcomer but she has done great service to thicker tights. Mary Portas and Charnos Satin 80 Tights have one of the most lovely colour ranges out there that will suit you aged 17-70. The purple is THE right shade of purple and the green is THE right shade of green. Seven colours in all at £14 per pair. Grown ups everywhere will also love the elegant colours available in Transparenze Sandra 70D Opaque Stockings, perfect for those who like their opaques in a more traditional style stocking.

Now, we are onto second skins but before you bemoan the weight of these babies, consider this. These 100 and 200 denier tights could actually help you to keep fit. The weave is light enough to wear to work each day yet warm enough to withstand brutal winter winds and so perfect to get you off the tube and onto those legs. Walk to work, walk to the school, walk to the shops, just walk. Pamela Mann 120 Denier Tights have a whole range of sizes, inlcluding their plus size opaques in sizes 16-32 making these the most indispensable classic coloured tights around. At less than £10 they also won’t break the bank. That leaves us with just one more, the most cosy of all cosy tights and a repeat bestseller. Pretty Polly 200D Fleecy Thermal Tights have a fleece lining and completely flat seams which create the warmest, most cold weather resistant yet most wearable tights around. As happy in Vauxhall as in Val D’Isere, keep a pair of these £10 tights tucked into your drawer for the coldest winter days and you will never have to resort to trousers. Well, with legs as good as yours, why would I want you to hide your best assets away??

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