The Guardian Style Gurus Test our Favourite Tights!

Tis the season to be jolly… and very, very cold, unless you wrap your legs up in something toasty warm.  But what hosiery to go for to make sure you stay warm and comfy?  Enter the Guardian, who have conducted a tights test to find out which opaque tights are the best: for looks, comfort and durability.  So what did they think of some of our favourite hosiery?

Mary Portas/Charnos Opaque 40 ( pictured)

“Looks: Very Green.  These drew quite a few glances.  Perfect opacity, though: you could leave your legs unshaven for months and no one would know.

Comfort:  The closest feeling to support tights.  So tight, taking them off felt a little like a liberation.

Durability: Frighteningly good.  No snags.”

MyTights says: We LOVE Mary Portas hosiery.  It always seems to be of the highest quality, and it looks stunning, too.  Don’t worry if green isn’t quite your colour, as these tights come in 8 amazing shades.  As to the comfort, tights should generally feel snug – this will prevent sagging around your ankles.  But make sure you check the size guide for each product to prevent ordering a pair of tights in the wrong size!  We also recommend taking a look at the thicker option: the Mary Portas & Charnos Satin 80 Tights, which are a luxuriously thick 80 denier, and so perfect for wintery days!

cheap cipro

le=”text-decoration: underline;”>Wolford Velvet Deluxe 66

“Looks: Revered among tights: classic matt black, as smart as tights can be.  So special you feel you should wear gloves to put them on.  In confidence terms, the closest hosiery gets to carrying a Chanel bag.

Comfort: Exceedingly Comfortable

Durability:  These were barely on when something sharp hidden in the stair carpet tugged at the underside of my foot and, horror, even before 8am, they were flawed.  The ladder didn’t travel far, though, and they held their own for the rest of the day.  Forgiven.”

MyTights says: High praise indeed, and not undeserved for a pair of tights that, although made by a top class brand, aren’t that expensive on a cost per wear basis (providing you don’t keep sharp things hidden in your carpets, we suppose).  Available in brown, navy and charcoal shades as well as classic black, so there’s a pair for every outfit.

Falke Ribbed Tights

“Looks: A nice woolly, subtly patterned rib: not outlandish, but a change from plain black.

Comfort:  I didn’t think about them all day: a good sign.

Durability: A less good sign: they snagged on the zip of my boots, making a hole.  Slightly stiff after a wash and, disappointingly, for all Falke’s reputation, emerged from the drum a bit bobbly.”

MyTights says: For Falke quality and wintery indulgence, we like the Falke Soft Merino Wool Ribbed Tights.  To prevent wearing out during washing, wash by hand or on a cool wash in the washing machine in a hosiery bag.

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