The perfect suspender belt!

Sultry and oh so stylish, suspender belts are the perfect way to inject a little old Hollywood glamour into your day. What?s more, the retro style can be worn secretly all day long underneath outfits, leaving you with a flirty spring in your step. J?adore! A lingerie drawer essential that peaked in popularity during the late 1950s, vintage enthusiasts What Katie Did have made it their mission to get the suspender belt firmly back into your daily routine.

But what makes the perfect suspender belt?

Forever here to advise us on all things retro inspired, founder Katie has compiled together a short video to help us make the right decision when choosing our belt. Broken down into three golden rules, be sure to keep them at the back of your mind when browsing their complete range that?s available on MyTights now…

First thing?s first, when it comes to choosing the fit of your belt, remember that it must fit on the waist. Along with creating a waspish waist that will keep others guessing, all good suspender belts will sit gently on the waist, as your hips will keep the belt in place and will prevent any sliding. You?ll soon find that highstreet versions won?t sit as neatly against the waist, but Katie advises us that this can be quickly fixed by going down a size or even adding a few stitches to ?take it in?. If customisation isn?t your cup of tea, fear not. The Maitresse Suspender Belt from What Katie Did fits perfectly against your waist and glides across hips for a snug yet secure fit.

Keen fans of the What Katie Did collection will quickly realise that all the belts (and even the girdle) come with six stocking straps, instead of the traditional four. Traditionally in the 40s and 50s, these straps used to be longer in length, leaving less distance between the bottom of the belt and the tops of the stockings. This limits the movement of the stockings when you walk, working to keep designs straight and your hosiery firmly in place. Over time, these straps have become shorter as the width of belts narrow. Aware that peace of mind is a must if you?re going to commit to the suspender style, Katie and her team of designers have done away with the traditional number of straps instead adding an additional two. Farewell twisted seams! As mentioned earlier, all What Katie Did garments feature these extra straps, so to get the full benefit, add the Maitresse Narrow Suspender Belt to your collection.

It?s the little details that count ladies! Showing us that the devil is in the detail, fabulous Katie explained that all clips need to be metal if you want your stockings to stay straight and in place. But before you throw out all existing suspender belts, take note! Some clips may very well be metal, but any metal clips coated in powder or nylon may have a different appearance. With highstreet versions, some clips may feature sliders which work to grip stockings. However, all clips from What Katie Did use special ?teeth? (don?t worry, these are barely noticable!) to grip the fabric and keep everything in place. To witness this up close, treat your lingerie drawer to the Harlow Suspender Belt and team with the Falke Seidenglatt 15 Stockings to perfect that sultry siren look.

Shop the entire What Katie Did collection here?and watch the video for yourself below!



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