The UK: Fashion Ambassador of the World (probably)

Let’s face it, with such stiff competition from the hot-shot New York designers and the classic European design houses, when Britain produces a designer as talented as Henry Holland, we want to shout about it.  And finally the US is starting to take notice, with several celebs spotted in Henry Holland tights and the US press going crazy for his quirky designs.

Seventeen magazine cited the magical outfit-enhancing properties of both the Henry Holland Superstar Tights and the Alphabet Tights (seen recently on Kourtney Kardashian!).  Not only are these eye-catching styles perfect for adding a fun twist to everything you already have in your wardrobe (meaning they are also budget friendly fashion, fyi), they also both come in twinkling versions – the Alphabets in silver and the Superstar in multi-coloured glitter, which are perfect for the festive season.

Star magazine, meanwhile, noted the dramatic entrance of our old favourite, suspender tights, and featured a “who wore it best” segment after Rihanna, Kimberly Wyatt and Jessie J were all pictured wearing the Super Suspender Tights.   They declared Rihanna as the star who rocked them the best, but we love Kimberley’s sequin and short tux combo – very, VERY chic.

And the New York Post used the Henry Holland Crochet Tights as part of a clashing prints fashion shoot.  The Crochet Tights, featuring a super-cute patchwork multi-coloured design, work for both day and night.  They sold out for a while but are now back in stock – so grab them while you still can!

In the fickle world of fashion, one thing is for certain: designer Henry Holland has arrived – and is here to stay.

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