To Go Punk or To Go Pretty?

Maybe it’s a subtle nod to the GB cycling team or maybe it’s a matter of making the most out of possessing a pair of perfect pins but either way – and we do think the latter is a little more likely – Little Mix have solidified the look that Rihanna got trending at the Hackney music festival last week. The star dared to bare her best assets in  fishnet cycling shorts, layered underneath a pair of barely there denim shorts. And Little Mix didn’t miss the new look.

Long gone are the days where donning a pair of cycling shorts meant the dreaded cross-country race across muddy miles of school fields. Now it seems on hearing “cycling shorts” we should picture a bit of punk mixed up with a pinch of pretty. Rihanna opted for fishnets, clearly leaning towards the “punk”. But Perrie from Little Mix channelled the trend with a bit more pretty at T4 On The Beach this weekend, and that’s the way see this trend taking off.

These Jonathan Aston lace shorts are the way Perrie mixed a dash of punk with a sprinkling of pretty. Worn with a pair of denim hotpants, a peek of luxurious lace adds a touch more coverage to a revealing outfit while simultaneously accentuating a fabulous pair of pins. The Telegraph recently revealed a new poll on how over 50% of tradesmen say they would never wolf whistle at a woman, but unwanted attention in summer can nevertheless appear when the sun does and these shorts can serve to protect your modesty while combining the trend of the moment. If you want to wear your denim hotpants without the hounding, we can’t think of a better way than with some lovely, ladylike lace.

If you love the layering look but the lace shorts still shout a little too much punk over pretty, I have a sneaky suspicion you’ll be falling in love with the Jonathan Aston Adore Tights. Envisage elegant ladylike lace a la Audrey Hepburn as floral patterned off-white laces are paired with delicate egg-blue pleated skirts, pastel candy-pink cardigans and ropes and ropes of pearls. It can work just as well with the Jonathan Aston Polka Dot Opaque Shorts too. Certainly this is a very different look to the one sported by Little Mix’s Perrie but the versatility of the sporty look is what we love. Rock the look that feels right.  But in the spirit of sport and sport luxe wear, do dare to rock the look.

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