The Thrills of Frills: MyTights in Nineteen13

Like any good girl I’ve always known my sheers from my sixty deniers, my fishnets from my footless. But on entering the land of luxurious lingerie, I’ve learnt a lesson so important I feel morally obliged to impart my knowledge with you lest your Grandmother never sat you down over a cuppa and a box of Werther’s Originals to tell you. It might not sound like headline news at first so read this s-l-o-w-l-y and read it twice: the pure, unadulterated fun to be had in this oh-so-wonderful world of babydolls and negligees, bodysuits, basques, slips and stockings belongs exclusively to women. Ok

so you’re no doubt thinking that’s no newsflash. Give me a second to explain. Put your hands up if you’re guilty of buying lingerie to satisfy a man, or even to fit into his ideal of what a woman “should” wear underneath her skirt suit. Most women not only pick underwear they hope pleases the opposite sex, but also the lingerie that most likely fits the character of the woman they’re looking for. Bows and frills inevitably have different connotations from, say, black crepe de chine, and we care what either style may suggest to him.

So certainly, there’s no denying men enjoy the benefits of lingerie, with their preference probably being a saucy set of undies. But my newsflash, hold the traffic ta-dah! moment discovery is that the selection of lingerie, from a satin pair of stockings to ever-so-slowly slide on, relishing in every toe wriggle as you take precious time to place the seductive back seam in the prime position on your pins to the rich wine and burgundy hues of the ruffles here paired with the plum dash of silk chiffon organza there, ripe with a delving velvet scalloped lace set of lingerie is something that women and women alone can relish in. The thrills of frills are ours ladies.

This well-guarded secret is why the launch of Nineteen13 is so entirely spot on, as it transpires the secret sensual pleasure to be had in lingerie has been slightly too top secret. The brainchild of Emily Hoyle, Nineteen13 was born of a similar treasure trove discovery that the range of designers, styles and advice ready and waiting for the lingerie consumer to devour in tandem with trying the range of products on offer is crucial to making the most of our most intimate items. Women and young girls need to learn not only their bra size and the style of knicker that best suits the shape of their bottom, but whether the suspender belt will flatter and the balcony bra will deceive (A’s into C’s); whether black fishnets go well with black tulle or whether a contrasting pair of colour pop hold ups would be the “wow” factor they never believed could be a term to apply to their legs.
















Pairing a bra to a knicker and a knicker to a hold up takes an educated eye. Which is why Nineteen13 through their editorials, styling features, articles and interviews, showcase lingerie in beautiful illustrations put together with tender love and care. The hope is to inspire; the desire is to innovate; the underlying dream is to stop women from settling for any old comfort bra and ladder-ridden tights. When it comes to your most intimate clothing, a little investment of extra cash pays off in quite a dash. So of course Nineteen13 editorials feature in abundance!

We’re pleased to say that when it comes to your hosiery, investment in your intimates need not break the bank. With Nineteen13’s stunning editorial piece ‘In The Shadows’ featuring some of our favourite products, it’s evident that luxury legwear is indeed the most financially accessible treat you can give yourself. In fact is a gorgeous and guilt-free treat even a treat? We prefer the term necessity. So if you haven’t stumbled across these stocking necessities yet, I hope you have your bra, knickers and hell, your heels, ready to pair with your favourite. For a pair of Pamela Mann’s Multi Top Hold Ups will sprinkle any set of hot matching lingerie with flakes of fabulous fun. And in much the same way, how can a pair of Transparenze’s Valentina Coloured Hold Ups not inject a sexy look with a delicious dash of cheeky colour popping flirtation? And now, for the absolute classic style that comes with a heart warning (his might just stop beating when he sees you): Cette’s Berlin Sheer Seam & Heel stockings, a pair of stockings so sexy they ooze seduction better than Dita Von Tees does it on stage. We love that Cette’s superb set of stockings come in a similar pair for fuller figured women: the Paris Plus Size Hold Ups acknowledge that luxury lingerie is for all shapes and sizes.

Ladies, these are not just stockings; these are MyTights stockings. And if you need a reason to be convinced about wearing the leg enhancing, bottom boasting aphrodisiac de luxe then read it from A Male’s Point of View.

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