Top 10 Opaque Hosiery

Opaque tights are a wardrobe essential, from classic black to subtle seasonal shades and bold brights. Plus it's not all about tights, leave room in your hosiery drawer for opaque hold ups and stockings too!

Classic Black Tights

Black tights can do more for you than you think. They keep you warm, lengthen your legs, slim down those lumps and bumps… but what if they could shape, tone, massage, be ladder resistant, thermal or virtually impossible to destroy? That would be value for money wouldn’t it. Recently tights companies have thought long and hard of ways to make their products stand out and here’s a run down of

who offers what.

  1. BEST BARGAIN: Pretty Polly 60D Plush Tights – these look and feel like a much more expensive brand, yet at just £8 are one of the best budget buys on the market.
  2. LADDER RESIST: Andrea Bucci Lycra Fusion Fibre Opaque Tights – Lycra Fusion will change the tights industry forever leaving ladders as a distant thing of the past. The fibre in these tights is impossible to ladder. You can actually wear two pairs, cutting the top pair into a personalized design that will see the material separate, but NOT ladder. Genius.
  3. CONTROL TOP: Aristoc Bodytoners Opaque Toner Tights – the silk finish of these tights actually help to moisturize the skin while you wear them, in conjunction with the reinforced band around your tum and bum which holds everything in and helps to shape. At £12.50 these tights are a more affordable investment than standard opaques and shapewear undies.
  4. MEGA OPAQUE: Falke Pure Matt 100D Tights – There are few products around that are truly comparable to an expensive pair of leggings but these get my vote everytime. The perfect partner to the shortest of dresses or the longest of tees, the finish, hand stitched seams and wonderfully warm mix of materials justify these as one of the best premium brand black opaques.
  5. THERMAL: Pretty Polly 200D Fleecy Opaque Thermal Tights – Of course you can go one further and 200 denier is about as thick as you can get before the product reverts from being tights to leggings. These tights have the look and feel of fleece and will withstand even the coldest temperatures.

Coloured Opaque Tights

The way to look at opaques is to not choose one brand and then buy everything they have, select by colour (pea green or sea green), thickness (40D, 50D, 120D), finish (matte or shiny) and durability. After all, if you find products you like then you need to know if they will last. Here is my personal list of favourite coloured tights. Trawl the website and take time to creat

e your own and it will stand you in such good stead over the remainder of winter and right through to spring.1.

  1. Jonathan Aston is a leader in opaques and has a matte and gloss offering. Jonathan Aston 40D Opaques come in 18 different colours from pale colours, primary shades and strong hues, all with a matte colour fast finish. Jonatan Aston Gloss Opaque Tights are currently available in three strong shiny 60D colours including plum cerise and midnight blue. Perfect for after dark wear there are plans to expand the colour range to match its matte partners. Teamed with even the most simple of little black dresses a shot of colour can change a look instantly.
  2. Mary Portas’s collaboration with Charnos continues to produce some lovely products that could be classics of the future. The subtle shades of greens, rusts, greys, clarets and earthy tones are more subtle than the Jonathan Aston colours but no less desirable. Available as Mary Portas & Charnos Satin 80 Tights or Mary Portas & Charnos Almost Opaque 40 Tights, you need to

    select these tights for their great colours and their different thicknesses.

  3.  Now Pamela Mann is one of those enduring British brands that never seems to go out of fashion. It’s range of opaques covering a mammoth 28 (yes 28) shades . Oranges, pinks, greens, reds, blues, the list is endless and the durable 50D finish makes these one of the longest lasting bestsellers around.  Aristoc, another great British brand has an altogether grown up range of navy, plum, forest green and dark grey is a perfect way of introducing colour into even the most conservative of work environments.  The Aristoc 80D Microfibre Tights have a matte finish that gives the impression of greater thickness while the Aristoc 120 Denier Cotton Sheen Tights has a slight gloss finish giving the illusion of a more sheer leg. Masters of disguise!

Opaque Hold Ups & Stockings

Hold Ups and Stockings also work incredibly well in opaque versions.

  1. Italian brand Transparenze has some of the best offerings around.  Transparenze Miranda 70D Opaque Hold Ups come in eight rich colours all with a very durable 7cm band at the top.
  2. Transparenze Sandra 70D Opaque Stockings have four glossy classic shades that combine the most feminine style of hosiery with a bit of welcomed warmth.

So there you have it. A plethora of opaques, so many variations on a theme, thicknesses and finishes to choose from but always one of the most sought after, repeatedly bought items in your wardrobe.

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