Top Ten Ways to Slim Up with Shapewear

Summer is one of those seasons that you hate to love but love to hate. Finally the sun is shining and cute studded sandals and big sunglasses are all the rage.

All you can think of is summer fun and beachside cocktails. But you’re also anxious, because summer means the time to get out those bikinis and little mini dresses to hit up the trendiest clubs in the least amount of coverage possible. What if you simply don’t have the body of Kate Moss?

There’s a quicker solution to a bikini-fit body than hitting up the gym after work every day. This method is as easy as putting on a pair of socks, quite literally, and will work wonders with no labor required! Of course, we’re talking about the wonders of shapewear.

Here we’re going to delve into the ways shapewear can slim up your figure instantly and what the best products are so that you get the look you want. It’s time to look hot without those lame workout regimes!

1. The Summer LBD
Little black dresses work all year round for the classic look. You can never go wrong with it and whether you’re at a casual venue or a posh bar, a LBD is basically foolproof. However, during the slightly warmer summer evenings, LBDs become shorter, tighter, and unfortunately less forgiving to those that have a tummy and tush.

SOLUTION: Try Aristoc Bodytoners High Waist Cincher. These beauties are spot mesh with a comfortable cotton gusset, and with the high waisted design, this shapewear will mold with your body and make sure you get the ultimate hourglass figure. No matter how small and tight your LBD, you’ll be the resident sex bomb!

2. The Maxi Dress
Unfortunately, the maxi dress is still trendy even though it makes the majority of our population shrink about five inches in height. On the flip side, a maxi dress is definitely more forgiving than any other summer trend, but what if you really have no waist line?

SOLUTION: Trinny & Susannah Magic Tummy Flattening Bikini Briefs are able to smooth out bumps from the bust to the bum. No matter how the wind blows and how your maxi dress clings, you’ll still look toned and sleek.

3. Breezy Summer Trousers
It’s stylish to wear some lighter, thinner trousers during hot summer weather, and white seems to be the usual trend when it comes to the colour of summer trousers. Regrettably, white is also known for its devious ways of making us look rounder than usual, and if you already have some gut and meat on the thighs, how are you supposed to pull this look off?

SOLUTION: Cette Revolution Support Panties! These feel almost as comfortable as normal underwear, but with the added benefits of slimming the figure and smoothing out imperfections to make your body look toned. No matter how white or tight your trousers, your thighs will look slimmer and your tummy hidden.

4. Super short-shorts
Ah, this trend has caused quite a controversy. Is it appropriate to frolic along the beachside in super short-shorts when you have cellulite and a muffin top? Probably not, but it’s hard not to dream about being in a pair of denim short-shorts and pretend that you look as drop dead gorgeous as Megan Fox who rocks this hot look…a girl can only dream.

SOLUTION: Stop dreaming and be proactive via shapewear. Spanx Hide & Sleek Hi-rise Thong will make your desires of frolicking in a pair of short-shorts a reality. This shapewear will remain unseen no matter how short the shorts and will give you that envy-worthy silhouette.

5. Bikinis, bikinis…bikinis…Of course we had to mention bikinis in this article, because that’s why we live for summer right? The most unforgiving summer trend, you obviously cannot slip on shapewear and put your bikini on top. That’s just plain tacky. But we do have an innovative idea for all you soon-to-be beach goddesses.

SOLUTION: Can someone say Skinkiss Caffeine Tights? These innovative tights from Skinkiss incorporate caffeine into the microfibers of their products. This unique blend slims the thigh, improves the appearance of skin and even decreases cellulite—and only in 28 days! Plan ahead and start wearing these tights before that designated beach day, and you’ll be a bikini babe without having to burst out in any sweat.

6. Tight Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans look amazing with a simple tank top and will make you look like you just rolled out of bed and managed to look sexy. Boys go crazy with this look! But you definitely don’t want to be exposing any love handles.

SOLUTION: Spanx Hide & Sleek High Waist Body Smoother. This amazing shapewear won’t show even under the clingiest of fabrics. Hide your tummy and thighs and make sure your bum looks A+ when you throw on those skinnies.

7. Mini-skirts
As unforgiving as the shorts-shorts, mini-skirts look great if you have the legs and washboard abs for it. They look great with almost any sort of shoes and make you look summer ready. Want to be part of the in-crowd?

SOLUTION: A pair of Trinny & Susannah Tummy Flattener Thongs! This strong shapewear will pull in that unflattering bulge so that you can wear the tightest mini-skirt and look fabulous in it!

8. Strapless minis
There are so many cute styles of bandeau dresses out there for this summer season that it would be a shame for you to shy away from this trend just because you’re a little body conscious.

SOLUTION: Spanx Hide & Sleek Strapless Full Slip shapewear is perfect underneath your strapless mini dress. You’ll smooth out all those unsightly bumps and look picture ready!

9. Playsuits
This trend is difficult enough to pull off but oh-so tempting to try! Stars like Katy Parry have sported playsuits and looked like statuesque goddesses in them, so it’s a lie to say playsuits make everyone look stubby and silly.

SOLUTION: No more hesitation with Spanx Hide & Sleek Strapless Cami. This shapewear is perfect underneath a strapless or halter romper and will remain unseen yet effective!

10. Floral Dresses
The trend of the season, girly florals look summertime gorgeous on all sorts of dresses! Every girl has got to invest in a floral dress this season, so don’t let your body be the last obstacle in your way.

SOLUTION: Spanx Higher Power is a strong, effective means of looking svelte under any dress. Look simply amazing in your floral summer dress with your flat tummy and newly cinched waist.

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