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The daffodils are finally out and it really starting to feel like spring.  However, we are now in tricky wardrobe territory.  It’s warming up but there is still a noticeable nip in the air.  Do you dress for the sun or for the chill?  You want to wear sandals but can you risk the possibility of getting caught in an unexpected April shower?    You feel like shedding your bulky tights but the weather is not yet kind enough to allow bare legs.  Well we can’t pretend to solve all your wardrobe dilemmas but this one we can help with.

Over the knee socks are perfect for the transition from winter, through spring and into summer.  They’ll keep you warm when the sun goes in but still allow you stay cool when you hit a spring or summer sun trap.  Perfect for the job are the Trasparenze Dora Wool Rib Over the Knee Socks.  Although they are wool, they are knitted from a fine yarn which means they don’t add bulk.  They look lovely with pretty spring and summer dresses – team with pumps for the day and heels for the evening.  If you want a sleeker look you could try Wolford’s Velvet Over Knees, these are made from 50 Denier hosiery fabric which will show just a hint of leg underneath- keeping it light and summery but without compromising on warmth. Both these products are nice and stretchy so you can wear them high up the leg or just over the knee depending on your look.

If you want to be right on trend then we’d high recommend the Pamela Mann Argyle Over Knee Socks.   If you have been living in comfy brogues all winter these are a great way to keep them going through spring.  Worn with a high buttoned blouse, they will complement the prim and ladylike looks that are all around this spring.

Speaking of brogues, when the weather gets even warmer, they look great with ankle socks.  Choose pretty, feminine styles like the Jonathan Aston Feathered Rumi Anklet or the Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses Anklet to offset the mannishness of brogues.  You could also try the Pamela Mann Sheer Hearts Socks which are brand new this week to – the frill around the ankle and dainty heart pattern is a lovely feminine touch especially in the soft pink colour.

The Sheer Hearts Socks have already been spotted on Fearne Cotton who teamed hers with chunky heels and trousers.  I’ve always loved the look of ankle socks with heels and, wearing them with cropped trousers like Fearne looks sophisticated avoids looking school girly.

Everyone has experienced the pain (and the blisters) from the first day of wearing sandals each year!  Ease your poor feet into those sandals and strappy shoes by protecting them with socks.   Now I know what you are thinking, socks with sandals might be the most serious fashion faux pas a man can commit but we girls have more options at our disposal.  The Jonathan Aston Dropstich Toeless Socks for example look sensational with sandals – you’ll still be able to show off your pedicure but your heels and ankles will be protected from any nasty rubs from new sandals.

Leggings are a great spring wardrobe staple and they have been flying of our shelves since the sun started making regular appearances.   With heels, with flats they work with just about everything and they are super comfortable.  If you want something  a little more exciting than standard black leggings check out the Miss Oroblu Shocking Leggings which are the perfect accompaniment to your summer brights.

We’ll also be championing the Skegging for spring.  It’s a much nicer than it sounds.  Put simply, it’s a skirt and a legging in one!  Jonathan Aston do them in a range of different styles (we particularly like the Jonathan Aston Animal Print Skegging) and because they are knitted in one piece there will be no ugly seams, lines or bulges from wearing your skirt over your leggings.  They are really great value for money as they are so versatile.  Comfy enough to wear to the gym but slip on a pair of heels and they look glamorous enough to wear on a night out.

Spring wardrobes are a challenge, especially when you are itching for the novelty of summer clothing.  I hope we’ve given you a few ideas for staying just warm enough for spring but without compromising on style.   Now is the time to experiment with Skeggings or over the knee socks, who knows you might just find yourself a new wardrobe favourite.

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