Trick or Treat: Halloween Hosiery

Halloween is one of those things that seems to have really crept up on us all. We’ve gone from the bobbing apples and jacket potatoes of my childhood to Halloween being a full blown part of the social calendar The shops are full of outfits, trick or treat goodies and adult party food and drink. It’s crazy.

I’ve never one to turn down a party of any kind though, so I’m glad that I not only have two invitations this season but I can also lay my hands on the best Halloween tights.

It’s a myth that you need a whole Halloween outfit (read nylon dress, cloak and fake hair that will see you through one wear before being placed promptly into the bin). All you need is your trusty little black dress and some of my favourite seasonal hosiery.

Gothic Crosses

Leading the way this year is definitely Pamela Mann. From skulls to stripes to spider webs, the design team there has thought of it all, including their new range of very on trend Sheer Crosses and Cross Suspender tights.

Witching Stripes

The Pamela Mann Twicker Tights are your classic witch look, fat horizontal stripes of orange and black or green and black. The 40 denier matte finish and reinforced boxer brief will make these stripy tights very durable, no matter how fast your broomstick goes!


Think you can be bewitching as the female of the species? Well Pamela Mann Webber Cobweb Tights are the one for you. This is a pretty take on the spider web pattern with traditional orange or black overlaid with fine spindly webs from toe to thigh. The heavier 40 denier weave also means that the

design stays true all the way up your leg.


Pamela Mann’s third offering, the Pamela Mann Skulls Tights goes head to head with Celeste Stein Black and White Skulls Tights and Celeste Stein Black and Grey Skulls Tights. Both have an all over design that takes a more monochrome approach to the whole Halloween look. Pamela Mann Skulls Tights  are a two tone small print design that available in black and grey and purple and black, both so wearable that you’ll probably use these again after Halloween. Well I will anyway! Again, good old 40 denier weave means they have a good measure of durability and plenty of staying power. Celeste Stein Black and White skull tights are a different take on the design. This is a much larger format print with the skulls clearly visible. The white on black is perhaps a little brighter than the white on grey but both are really quirky designs that have already been flying out of the door.


Pretty Polly is bringing up the rear this year with their Pretty Polly Pretty Striking Laddered Tights which like knitted cobwebs. A completely new effect for Halloween, these are also really interesting special effect tights for wearing at other times.

Halloween for Kids

While I never say never to a bit of self-indulgence, we can’t forget that Halloween is also for children too. My nieces love the new Country Kids Sparkly Children’s Tights which have a fantastic solid black glitter version. Perfect for adding the missing pzzazz to that nylon Tesco special!

Until next week…

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