Trinny and Susannah Magic Knickers

It might have been a while since they hit the big time with their TV show “What not to Wear” but Trinny and Susannah still somehow manage to divide the nation.  They might not be everyone’s cup of tea but, love them or loathe them, they are invariably right.  Dressing for your shape and making the best of your assets is the key to looking good.  Period.  However, the girls also appreciate that sometimes your figure needs a little helping hand.  They have always been great advocates of good foundation garments.  Who could forget that trip to Rigby and Peller with the highly reluctant Jo Brand?  Bras are important but Trinny and Susannah have also been great cheerleaders for the benefits of shapewear.

Trinny and Susannah are so in love with shapewear that they have produced their own range of what they call their “Magic Knickers”.  No empty celebrity endorsements for these girls, they have worked closely with world renowned Belgian hosiery manufacturer, Cette, at every stage of the design and manufacturing process and provided their expertise and experience of what women really want from their shapewear.

The first thing they wanted to do was make them seam free so their products would be virtually invisible underneath clothing.   For this reason they are knitted in a continuous ring and the shaping effect comes from varying the tension in the thread as they are knitted.  This creates tighter stitches which give strong compression next to looser stitches which stretch to accommodate your curves.  You can clearly see the tighter knit across the tummy area and the looser knit that accommodates the curve of your bottom.  I really like the fact that you can also see other bands of tighter knit that are designed to cradle and lift the bottom and pull in the tummy.  You can really see your shapewear working for its money!

Probably the most popular of Trinny and Susannah’s “Magic Knickers” is the Bum, Tum and Thigh Reducer.   With the top sitting just below the bust line, these high waisted shorts finish above the knee to give you all over control but with more concentrated compression on the tummy.  A pair of cute little pockets at the back will accommodate the curve of your bottom whilst supportive bands lift and separate the cheeks slightly for a super pert bum.  Trust me, this looks so much better than it sounds and it eliminates saddle bags brilliantly.

The tighter knit also provides a support band for the lower back which will improve posture.  It might be the oldest trick in the book but, as those “Before” and “After” photos that Trinny and Susannah use to such great effect will testify, just standing up straight will instantly make you look slimmer.  A tighter band around the waist pulls in to create the hourglass shape are all trying to achieve.

If you favour a short skirt or you only really want compression focussed on your tummy, try Trinny and Susannah’s Tummy Flattening Bikini Brief.  It has the same tighter waist band and graduated compression around the body as the Bum, Tum and Thigh Reducer and the brief bottoms will still provide firming around your behind.  However, as you would expect from a pair of style gurus of their standing, Trinny and Susannah have not neglected the issue of the dreaded VPL.  These briefs have a complex combination of tighter and looser knits which will prevent any digging in around the leg opening or any visible panty lines.   In terms of compression, the girls compare this product to the Spanx Slim Cognito High Leg Shaping Bodysuit.  In reality, it is probably not quite as strong but it is still effective.  It has to be said too, that at £35 it certainly compares favourably on price.  You’ll certainly get a lot of compression for your money with the Trinny and Susannah range.

With VPL neatly dealt with, Trinny and Susannah have managed to tackle another one of our worst sartorial problems.  Especially if you have a big bust, you will probably wish you weren’t so familiar with sight of lumps and bumps around your bra line.  However, as Trinny and Susannah will tell you at every available opportunity, you also want to make sure that you are well supported at all times.  The All in One Body Smoother and the All in one Body Shaper come high up the back to smooth out any nasty rolls of fat you might find there.  Because the front is completely open however, you will also be able to wear your own bra.  With the same tummy flattening, waist cinching and bottom shaping qualities of their other products, with the all in ones you can be sure that you won’t have any uncovered gaps to make you feel uncomfortable.  The Trinny and Susannah All in One Body Shaper has shorts to just above the knee.  The open gusset is a welcome feature which means you don’t need to struggle out of the suit every time you go to the ladies.

The All in One Body Smoother is a shaping slip with a skirt which comes to just above the knee.  Although the skirt will still give you a smoothing effect down to the mid thigh, the skirt is stretchy enough so that it won’t restrict your movement.

Ok they won’t make you a size 10 if you are not a size 10, but smoothing out unsightly bulges, pulling in the waist and lifting and shaping the bottom can easily make you appear a dress size smaller than you are.  As the girls themselves would say, the outfit is important but it is only as good as its foundations.

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