Updating your hosiery for the new season…

Although sheer tights are storming their way back into society with an influx of top quality bare leg look styles hitting the shelves over the last few years, many of you will simply switch your winter opaques to bare legs as the season turns.  This season, however, the all-too-inevitable has happened, and the British weather is showing no signs of settling into summer, instead creating days on end of rain as well as a muggy atmosphere that makes anything thicker than 30 denier impossible to wear.

So what’s a girl to do?  Here are our top three ways to get you through the transitional fashion period…

1)      Sheer Tights

Sheer tights are the solution to the ever changing weather – they’ll give you a little bit of coverage so that when it’s cool you don’t freeze but will give you a summery bare leg look and are much cooler than wearing thick opaques.  Plus if it suddenly gets scorchingly hot outside you can take off your tights without anyone noticing!  Our favourites are the incredibly popular Falke Shelina Tights, which come in a huge variety of shades and will make your legs look better than bare!

2)      Hold Ups & Stockings

Hold Ups and stockings are great for unpredictable weather because they give your legs some coverage but are cooler to wear than tights.  Try sheer patterned styles like Vanessa Hudgens did at Coachella this year for a new way to wear – the Trasparenze Fiore Hold Ups have a gorgeous floral design, or go for a pop of colour with their Valentina Coloured Hold Ups.

3)      Socks

When you’ve just bought those gorgeous strappy sandals but it’s raining cats and dogs outside, rocking the ankle socks trend is the perfect way to keep your toes warm AND stay looking fabulous, With an army of celebrity fans including

Fearne Cotton and featured in Lisa Armstrong’s column in the Telegraph last month, this is a trend that’s easier to rock than it looks.  Pastels colours are the ones to go for this season – but make sure you wear with heels for a look that says more sophisticated fashionista and less 5-year-old schoolgirl.


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