Vogue: The September Issue

It’s official, over-the-knee socks are so en-vogue that they’re in Vogue – and so are we! September’s issue of Vogue features the Trasparanze over-the-knee socks in black from MyTights.com, which are shaping up to be a huge trend this autumn/winter. Vogue have cleverly twinned a classic clean-cut, mod style duffle-coat with some statement fur boots which “add a mischievous spark,” and we love this look.

So ladies, you heard it here first … sort of. Keep the outfits minimal but tasteful, leaving yourself plenty of room for some fun. Why not try chucking some black over-the-knees on over a pair of lovely, subtly patterned, sheer tights such as Gerbe’s beautiful Plumetis spotty ladies tights for a more discreet take on the look. Or, if you’re feeling a bit friskier go crazy with the loudest, wackiest over-the knees you can find. The choice is yours…


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