What Mytights Wore This Week

This week has been non stop Wimbledon talk and Glasto gossip, so to celebrate the fact that we’re at neither, we’ve pushed out the boat when it comes to our hosiery in the office. For nets to patterned sheers, we’ve even paid homage to the humble footsie too!


Showing us all that netted tights don’t necessarily mean understated, Robyn wears some Henry Holland fishnet tights from last season.


Embracing the season and ignoring the rain, Hannah debuts her Jonathan Aston Wish Tights. Feeling inspired? Checkout our range of floral patterned tights.


And from one floral tribute to another, Nixs has teamed her Jonathan Aston Hope Tights with an eyecatching dress. Showing us how handy footliners can be, Nixs has slipped her discreet footsies over her tights for a touch more durability and comfort. Shh!

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