Which Spanx?

A while ago I wrote about Spanx’s celebrity fans – some willing to share their figure boosting secrets some not so!  Willingly provided or not, those celebrity endorsements clearly count for a lot.  Spanx is phenomenally popular with our customers.  But it also generates the most questions from people who can sometimes be daunted by the sheer number of options available. I am often asked why we have so many different Spanx products and I usually defer to, Spanx founder, Sara Blakely on this one.  She says – “Taming your tummy in your most curve-hugging cocktail dress calls for a different slimming solution than whittling your middle in tailored trousers”.  So, to expand on Sara’s sage advice, here is a brief overview of the different Spanx products on offer on the MyTights.com website and some tips on choosing the right product for you.


Shapewear Style

Choose from the full bodysuit when you need all over shaping, shorts or briefs to bra line to pull in your waist, shorts or briefs to waist when your clothing is looser on top and at the waist or only hugs across the bottom and hips.  If you are wearing a dress then a slip is the ideal solution, or go for Spanx’s hosiery which has shapewear built in (meaning you don’t need to worry about your tights sliding down over your anti-clip shapewear).

Spanx are currently leading the field in clothes with secret shaping properties.  These revolutionary shapewear products that you wear outside your clothes currently come in two styles: Leggings, which are for the gym or wearing with t-shirts and dresses for a footless look which will secretly make your bottom and legs look more toned, and t-shirts and tops, which you can wear as underwear or outerwear.

In general, brief bottoms are best for shorter hemlines and shorts bottoms are excellent under dresses and skirts where you want to avoid any possibility of a visible panty line.  Once you have decided on the best shape, you’ll need to decide which family of products is best for you.  I’ve given a quick overview of each of the Spanx families below along with the strength of control and some useful info about the way they are constructed:

Spanx Slim Cognito

The Slim Cognito range offers the strongest level of control and body shaping of all the Spanx ranges so these are the ones to choose if you are wearing something really fitted.  Knitted from strong yarns which provide targeted compression zones to sculpt your body into the desired shape, the strongest control on these products is concentrated particularly around the stomach and waist area and because of this they are especially popular with womenpost-pregnancy. They are also designed to lift and shape your bum so that it looks pert and perfectly rounded and I have it on good authority that that spanx slim cognito seamless shaping mid-thigh bodysuit in particularis a celebrity red carpet favourite!

Because Slim Cognito products are knitted they are seamless so you won’t get any tell tale lines under your clothes or pressure marks on your skin. They are a slightly pricier option than some of the other Spanx products on our site but that is reflected in the powerful zoned compression you get from the bodysuits, slips, shorts and panties in this range.

Spanx Slimplicity

Really good for summer is the new Slimplicity range, it still offers strong control but in a single layer of lighter weight spandex type fabric which is cut and sewn to pull you into the right shape.  The sleek fabric looks silky enough to be a normal piece of underwear.  If you are wearing something a little on the see through side the Spanx Slimplicity Shape Slip or the Slimplicity Lingerie Strap Camisole are a great way to preserve you modesty whilst getting a very secret boost for your figure.  Cunning.

You’ll get strong control and shaping, not quite as much as with Slim Cognito but still very effective, to flatten tummies, lift and shape bottoms and firm thighs from the all the products in the Slimplicity range which include shorts, slips, panties and bodysuits.  I’d highly recommend the Spanx Slimplicity Open Bust Camisole and the Spanx Open Bust Mid Thigh Bodysuit which are designed to allow you to wear your own bra underneath.  These are really popular with girls with larger busts who need to be sure of their support but they have also won fans because you can wear them with just about any neckline with a bra to suit.

This range just keeps getting better and better and now Spanx have turned their attention to the junk in your trunk!  The Slimplicity Booty Boosting Shorts have removable pads that will give you a perfectly rounded, pert and shapely bum – they will instantly put you in contention for Rear of the Year.  Pippa Middleton eat your heart out.

Spanx In Power Line

Products in the In Power Line range are great for every day – many people find the medium level of control more comfortable for general wear than the Slimplicity or the Slim Cognito.  They offer a overall firmingfor bottoms, hips and thighs so everything will look tight and toned.  Spanx have also developed really strong tummy control panels for these products so you get mega effective tummy flattening.

This is the range to pick particularly if you need to wear tights.  Whilst the super slick yarns in these products are great under a slinky dress, if you pop a pair of tights over the top they will also have a tendency to slide down over the cling free fabric!  Spanx have neatly dealt with this problem with their Super Shaping Sheers.  Try the Spanx In Power Line Super High Shaping tights which combine firm control of In Power Line from the braline to the thigh with a pair of sheer tights attached.  Flawless legs, a sleeker figure and none of the waistband lines you can sometimes get with tights – what more could you ask?

Spanx Undietectable

This brand new range from Spanx is much more lightweight compared to any of the other categories.  It offers a light to medium level of control in a soft cotton feel fabric that fits like a second skin.  It doesn’t look like shapewear and it doesn’t feel like shapewear but when you put it on you will be able to see the results – invisible tummy bands flatten the stomach and pull in the waist while the surprisingly effective control smoothes out lumps and bumps and gives you a sleek silhouette.    The best seller in the range is the Undie-tectable Adjustable Strap Body Suit which gives great all over control and doubles as a normal underwear body so no one will know the secret to your sensational figure.

Look at Me Leggings

Comfy as they are, let’s face it leggings are probably one of the most unflattering garments ever invented!  Not any more.  Spanx have taken their expertise and created a range of shaping leggings that look just like your ordinary cotton leggings but which will secretly shape your bum and firm your legs all the way to the ankle.   Great for the gym to prevent any wobble on the treadmill or for the wearing under any manner of dresses and shirts – offering a medium level of control in regular waist and to bra line versions they are the key to feeling confident in fashion’s most challenging trend.

On Top and In Control

Thanks to Spanx, shapewear is making a bid for space in your wardrobe as well as your underwear drawer.  On Top is a range of ultra flattering tops and t-shirts in classic styles that suit every body shape.  They look like normal tops but they have medium control and invisible shaping that will pull in your waist and smooth out your lumps and bumps for a flawless finish.  They look great tucked into trousers to get rid of muffin top or with a full skirt to make your upper body look really slim and sleek.  Expect Spanx to develop more products in this range over the coming months – indistinguishable from your normal clothes, this is the future of shapewear.

Once you have seen (and felt) the results you’ll want to wear your Spanx all the time! Lots of our customers do wear them every day but I still appreciate there are plenty of you who save your Spanx for special occasions.  If you fall into this camp, and whilst there is a shapewear solution for every outfit, thinking about the shapes, necklines and hemlines you wear most often will mean you have a shapewear solution stashed away for any occasion.

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