You Never Forget Your First…

…high end hosiery. Mine was Wolford. Silky smooth, matte perfection, my first pair of luxury tights made me feel a million dollars.

Yes, the price made me wince slightly, but fast forward on a couple of years and the very same pair of tights are still utterly wearable. Yes, of course there will always be jagged nails and scratchy furniture, but generally speaking high end hosiery really is top quality and will last a lot longer than everyday legwear.

That’s not to say basics don’t have their place in most women’s wardrobes – many of us will continue wear slightly less expensive hosiery day to day in the office – but if you haven’t already, I would urge you to pay a visit to the First Class Lounge of legwear, for special occasions at least.

Wolford Tights are the go-to for many women – their basic ranges are second to none and the quality of the collection is out of this world. If you have to start with one piece, make it the Velvet de Luxe 66 Tights, which are a classic opaque that feels like a dream on your leg.

Falke are another option, and it’s widely agreed that

their Shelina Tights are the best bare leg look product on the market. More durable than your average sheer, their slight sheen mimics the look of naturally glowing skin and the wide range of shades means it’s easy to match your skintone.

Most women will start with sheer and opaque basics when they first dip their toe into the world of deluxe hosiery, but for those ready to progress onto the next step, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to luxury fashion. Wolford and Falke both have their own fashion collections each season, but another brand we just love is Emilio Cavallini. The Italian designer creates reams of stunning designs each season and their fashion, particularly this year, is jaw-droppingly lovely.

Opting for high end hosiery over your regular tights is like the difference between a designer handbag and a market knock-off – maybe people will notice, maybe they won’t, but YOU know, and that’s what counts. Plus, this is one of those times when the “but it’s an investment” excuse for shopping is actually true…


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