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Shapewear: Targeting Problem Areas

Ever joined the gym only to walk past it on the way home? We have, so we completely understand that although the thought of hitting the gym three times a week in a bid to shape up sounds good, after a long day at work, we really just want to put our feet up and enjoy a good cup of tea.

So, instead of wasting money on expensive gym memberships, why not try our women's shapewear products instead? To help you find the right item to combat your specific ‘problem area’, we’ve taken a look at several different products for your lower tummy, upper tummy, back, bum and thighs which can all be found in our shapewear section.

Lower Tummy

This is a problem area for most women, especially if you’ve just had a baby and want to shape up asap for a special event. Well, forget the daily sit ups, we have lots of shapewear products to help flatten and firm your belly. We absolutely adore Aristoc’s Bodytoners Retro Control Brief. Not only would it have a feel of Hollywood glamour about it, it pulls in your stomach to create a firmer appearance

Upper Tummy

If you’ve been holding onto a clingy top thinking to yourself, “I’ll keep that for when I lose weight”, well now you can dig it out from the back of the wardrobe. We have a great selection of shapewear underwear that caters for you upper tummy as well as your lower tummy. Why not try Spanx Hide & Sleek Hi-Rise Thong or Aristoc’s Bodytoners High Waist Cincher.


Although we hardly ever look at our backs, there’s always the moment in the changing rooms when your see yourself in the second mirror and think to yourself, “Where did those rolls come from?” Products that smooth your back are ideal when wearing a close-fitting dress for a special occasion. We think the Spanx Hide & Sleek Strapless Full Slip is ideal if you want to shape up all over. Spanx Slim Cognito Seamless Shaping Mid-Thigh Bodysuit is another great women's shapewear product that concentrates on other areas as well as your back.


Not all of us are as lucky as Kylie Minogue when it comes to our derrieres but there’s no need to fret as you can get a pert looking bottom in seconds with our shapewear products. Take a look at Spanx Slim Cognito Seamless Control Panty.


Although we love our curves sometimes they can be a little wobbly! Tone and firm your thighs with shapewear underwear and give onlookers the impression that you do squats day and night! We have a number of products that target thighs including Spanx’s Power Panties and Trinny & Susannah Bum and Thigh Pants.

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