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Falke Socks

In Ancient Greece socks were made from leather; in 15th century Europe the style was for embellished and ornamental sock designs. Fast forward to the 21st century and Falke socks show how these two extremes, of practicality or quality, could be combined in a perfect sock. The luxury German brand knows that different occasions require different socks and that crucially, we like to have the choice. Our brand new converses will only look as good as the sock that will be peeping out of the side. Our favourite winter boots will only be as comfortable as the fluffy merino wool Falke sock lining the inside. Black and white cotton socks are great for some things but Falke, unlike so many sock brands, don’t make the mistake of thinking black and white cotton socks will be good for everything! Browse the collection and take the time to wonder if the Falke Bedsock would look better on your ankle in ‘Asian Blue’ or ‘Off-white’, and if the Falke Airport sock is what’s missing from your holiday wardrobe. You get to choose!

22 items

22 items

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