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Pretty Polly Silver Fresh Socks

Silver inhibits the growth of anti-microbials. It stops milk going sour, prevents eye infections in newborn babies, disinfects wounds and has, since way back in history when the pyramids actually seemed like a sensible thing to build, been used to purify drinking water.

Most ‘freshness’ products will kill microbes, but prove helpless when microbes grow resistant, develop thicker cell walls that prevent the ‘freshness’ agents getting through, and multiply.

Silver INHIBITS growth. No bacteria, no stench. Silver makes interviewing athletes straight off the pitch possible.

Pretty Polly have a range of socks that contain, you got it, silver. A breakthrough for those of you who have ever felt shame at having to take your shoes off at the door of a boyfriend’s apartment, cringed at the offer of a foot massage or indeed suffered accusatory looks at the gym post-work out

2 items

2 items

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