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Flight Socks – Medically proven to help prevent DVT

We’re all familiar with shots of celebrities fresh off the airplane; clutching a bottle of water, decked out in large sunglasses and wearing loose, comfortable clothing. We should all – hounded by paparazzi or not - take example.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is the demon of long haul flights. Travel by air for longer than four hours and you are at risk of blood not returning to your heart properly and gathering - or clotting - in your lower limbs. (As movements of the leg muscles are crucial to healthy circulation, long periods of inactivity or sitting in cramped conditions, such as on an aircraft, can hamper the normal flow of blood.) But flight socks can help to prevent DVT.

If the clot detaches itself from the veins and makes its way through the bloodstream to the lungs, chest pains and, in some cases, the coughing up of blood could ensue. In rare instances, if the clot is large, it can travel to the heart and lungs, interrupting blood flow and resulting in sudden death.

True, the risk of all this happening is low, but as the consequences can be so serious, why take a chance? Think of what you’re up against - cramped conditions, limited exercise opportunity and lack of leg movement, low humidity, reduced cabin pressure, dehydration, increased carbon dioxide and reduced oxygen levels. Recent studies have estimated that 30,000 Britons are affected by flight-induced blood clots every year.

And DVT is just one downside to flying. Swollen ankles and tired, aching legs are common pests, even on shorter flights within the continent. The best advice to combat such hindrances is to take every opportunity to exercise, drink plenty of water and, says the World Health Organization, “Wearing properly fitted graduated compression stockings may be helpful. These compress the calf muscles and improve the flow of blood in the deep veins. They may also help prevent the swollen ankles that are quite common on long flights.” *

How do Scholl Flight Socks work?

The blood returning to your heart from the lower extremities of the body has gravity to contend with, so blood requires a helping hand in pumping itself round the body. In normal circumstances, the muscles of the legs act as a pump, a process occurring naturally as you walk around.

Now imagine you don’t walk around. What does the work then? Luckily for us, there’s an alternative: Scholl Flight Socks. These compression hosiery provide the extra support leg veins need, aiding the movement of blood flow in the veins and effectively relieving that tired, achy feeling you may well be familiar with. And yes, they can also prevent swollen ankles. Bliss.

One scientific study split a group of more than 600 passengers classed as low-to-medium risk of DVT traveling from London to Arizona and New York into two groups: Half took no preventative measures against DVT while the other half wore Scholl Flight Socks providing a compression level of 14-17mmHg at the ankle. The result? More than 4% of those not wearing Flight Socks suffered from some form of thrombosis during the flight to Phoenix and more than 3% flying to New York. The incidence of thrombosis among those wearing Scholl Flight Socks was zero.

For optimum efficiency, you should wear your Scholl Flight Socks throughout your journey, and not necessarily only during your flight; you may have long distances to travel on one or both sides of your flight and should ideally also wear them then too. Wear them in place of socks or hosiery and always ensure that they are pulled up to just below the knee. Try and make sure they are free of wrinkles and do not roll them down.

Scholl Cotton Feel Flight Socks

Superior feel and fit graduated compression hosiery. Compression factor 14 - 17, available in black.

Fancy being one of 30,000 yearly victims of DVT in Britain? Thought not. You’re advised to walk around the cabin every two to three hours and keep hydrated with non-caffeinated drink, but we’ve got a jewel of a scientist-backed product to make your journey even safer.

To best guard yourself against the painful and serious complication of DVT, entrust your lower legs to Scholl Flight Socks and relax, safe in the knowledge their 14-17 compression factor will help your blood pump happily back up to your heart. Now, if only we could find something to remedy that screaming child across the aisle…

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