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In 2009, hosiery with LYCRA®FUSION™fibre changed ladder resist hosiery forever. Now women could feel confident that their day would not be ruined by an unsightly run or ladder and their beautiful sheer hosiery could remain flawless all day.

This technology has moved on yet again and this time it will encourage your creative flair. Opaque hosiery only made with LYCRA®FUSION™fibre can be customised to suit your taste. You can layer colours or lace patterns and cut your hosiery to make a strong statement. So, go on, get your fabric scissors and follow our DIY guide to make your very own unique and personalised fashion statement.

To learn more about the science behind this incredible fibre, read on...

A missed train, a sudden rain shower, bumping into your ex… There are a lot of things that can ruin your morning but revolutionary new technology from INVISTA, the owners of the LYCRA®fibre brand, means that laddered tights or stockings needn’t be one of them. A hole in your hosiery is guaranteed to turn your look from slick to sloppy, and guess what? You’ve used the last pair of spares you had stuffed into your desk drawer and you’ve got a meeting with the boss first thing.

Luckily for womankind, the experts behind the LYCRA® fibre brand understand your pain. And they’ve come up with a frankly brilliant solution. Hot on the heels of previous fibre innovations, including LYCRA® 3D hosiery, LYCRA® Satin Sheers, LYCRA® Soft Comfort fibre and LYCRA® Fresh FX socks, INVISTA has now released LYCRA® Fusion fibre, a run-resistant, long-lasting, super-comfy yarn that renders legwear seriously hard to trash.

Lycra Fusion: Run Resist Technology
Just think – no more gasps of horror when you snag your tights on the corner of a drawer, or catch them in the zip of your boots; no need to carry clear nail polish in case of laddering emergencies; and no more clutch bags bulging with spare stockings at parties and weddings. LYCRA® Fusion fibre makes even the sheerest hosiery resistant to laddering, so you can high-kick your way around the dance floor (or office, if that’s your thing) with total confidence.

Ladder Vs Ladder Resist
Tights where the hole has laddered. Tights with ladder resist technology.

Not only are runs a thing of the past, but that sagging feeling has been given the boot, too. Products containing LYCRA® or LYCRA® Fusion fibre do not lose their shape no matter how often you wear and wash them. So whatever you put them through, you can always be sure that they’ll fit you perfectly every time you put them on. That wonderful box fresh feeling you get when you put on a brand new pair of tights? You’ll experience that joy every time you pull your hosiery from the drawer!

And of course a great fit means greater comfort – your tights will feel like a second skin, giving you ease of movement and a smooth, sleek look. What’s more, the greater strength of LYCRA® Fusion fibre has not affected its softness – it still retains the supple elasticity that makes it feel velvety to the touch and a pleasure to wear.

And if that wasn’t enough cause for celebration, hosiery made with LYCRA® Fusion fibre also benefits from a more uniform appearance. Whatever the thickness of the tights, stockings or hold ups you have chosen, there will be no inconsistency of shade, weight or finish. So whether you’re at work, at dinner or partying the night away, your legs will always look great.

Lycra Fusion: Ladder Resist

So how is it done? The innovation is based on bi-component technology that allows the threads on the outer layer of the fibre to ‘fuse’ to each other during the stockings’ thermofixation process, making it super strong. The really clever bit is that INVISTA has worked out a way to do this without affecting the inside components that provide the products with their extraordinary powers of resistance, so the stretch and recovery quality with which LYCRA® fibre is associated is maintained. Sound complicated? INVISTA’s scientists have been working on this wonder yarn for months to give us all one less thing to worry about, and one less problem to spoil our day.

Be sure to keep an eye out on here for more information on products containing this new wonder fibre, and rest assured that your hosiery woes are well and truly over!

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