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Customize Your LYCRA®FUSION™fibre Opaque Tights

So what are you waiting for? Select your favourite shade of LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre tights that you would like to customise, and a second pair to wear underneath, then follow these tips from the team at INVISTA for a glam style day and night...

How To Customize Your LYCRA®FUSION™ Fibre Tights

  • Only cut the hosiery with LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre - because other fibres will not have the unique ladder resist property
  • Hosiery is a delicate product, even though the technology allows you to cut them with scissors, care should be taken to avoid damaging the tights by excessively pulling or dragging the cut area
  • Choice of scissors is key – make sure they are sharp and use fabric scissors if possible
  • Don't cut holes too close together as this will make your tights too delicate
  • Start small - the hole ends up much larger than when you initially cut it! We found it was useful to use tweezers to pinch the fabric - this makes it easier to select where you want to cut and the size of the hole
  • Remember that when you wear your tights the fabric will stretch and the shapes will distort
  • Finally, take care when taking your tights off to avoid damaging them and you can wear them again and again

  • Style Tips

  • Try experimenting with a combination of colours to match your favourite pair of heels
  • If you’re not afraid to stand out, mix bold shades together
  • Get creative with textures – A lace or textured pair of tights worn under your customised tights with LYCRA® FUSION™ fibre will achieve a unique layered effect

  • Need inspiration? Take a look at these great styling ideas...

    LYCRA® FUSION™ fibre - Cutting Edge 

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