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Shape Tone and Burn with ShāToBu - The Workout you Wear!

The revolutionary new shapewear that burns more calories as you move!

ShāToBu is a ground-breaking new concept in shapewear that uses everyday movement to shape, tone and burn calories, created by chiropractor Dr. Denise Perron.

What is ShāToBu?

ShāToBu is a new phenomenon that is set to revolutionise shapewear as you know it. Not only will it instantly flatten your tummy and firm up your hips, bottom and thighs but, using unique resistance band technology, it will help you burn more calories as you go about your everyday tasks.

Scientific studies conducted at the University of Virginia show that women wearing ShāToBu during everyday activities, such as walking or climbing stairs, burn extra calories.

Speaking about the study which is published in Obesity and Metabolism Journal, Director of the graduate exercise physiology program at the University of Virginia Curry School of Education, Professor Arthur Weltman PhD said:

“We tested ShāToBu garments under controlled scientific conditions and showed that when women wear them, their energy expenditure increases significantly during walking, which translates to more calories burned.”

ShaToBu shapers will help you get fitter over time by giving you an extra workout with your daily activity. Combining the strong shaping and firming qualities of shapewear with innovative calorie burning technology is the shapewear innovation we have all been waiting for.

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Show me the science!

The University of Virginia Study showed:

Shape: Compression studies showed a 3-6% reduction in size after regularly wearing ShāToBu.

Tone: Resistance studies have shown that ShāToBu has more resistance than traditional shapers, causing muscle contraction and activity to create the toning effect during daily activities, such as walking or stair climbing.

Burn: Caloric/energy expenditure studies, using Oxygen output, revealed that women wearing ShāToBu increased their energy expenditure during daily living activities.

Tested extensively by the graduate exercise physiology team at the University of Virginia Curry School of Education, ShāToBu has been scientifically developed and proven to work by a team of doctors and exercise physiologists.

It used to be the only way to burn extra calories was to pump away at the gym – now you have ShaToBu to help you get slimmer and fitter.

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What are the benefits of ShaToBu

Not only does ShāToBu give women a sleek silhouette, but its innovative technology means that you can actually burn calories as you wear them so you will feel and see a difference in your body shape over time.

ShāToBu is comfortable enough to wear all day, every day, so can help you fit exercise into your normal day or supplement an existing exercise regime.

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Will ShāToBu help me lose weight?

ShāToBu™ shapes, tones and burns more calories during everyday activity. With regular wear, women can see and feel a difference in their bodies over time. You should remember that every woman is different and many factors are involved in weight management.

ShāToBu increases the impact of everyday movement and so the more a person moves throughout the day, the greater the benefit.

ShāToBu recommend wearing the product for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week day during normal daily activity to get the maximum benefit.

Can I wear ShāToBu to the gym?

Yes, ShaToBu shapers can be worn during exercise to give an extra calorie burning boost to a gentle workout.

The level of resistance in ShāToBu, however, would make vigorous exercise or higher speed movements less effective, so it is therefore not recommended for this use.

ShaToBu products were designed and tested for use during normal daily activities. ShāToBu is designed to work at the rate of natural movement, such as walking, climbing stairs or even doing yoga. They have been tested and created to be most effective under conditions such as walking on a treadmill at 2.5 to 3 mph.

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