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The Birth of ShāToBu - The Workout you Wear!

Dr Denise Perron, BSc, DC

Dr. Denise Perron is the brains behind ShāToBu. She has been a board-certified chiropractor for more than 20 years, and began to notice that many of her patients were not consistently performing the exercises she gave them. She also noticed that more and more of her patients were wearing traditional shapewear - which can have negative effects on the body, especially the muscles in the pelvic girdle area.

Dr Perron decided to develop a shaper that would help her patients do their exercises effortlessly and would tone muscles and improve posture. Dr Perron's idea was to apply the principles of resistance training to shapewear. By adding resistance bands within shapewear, muscles are made to work harder during everyday activities, such as walking. When muscles work harder, there is a toning effect and more calories are burned. Dr Perron realised that not only will ShāToBu help her patients, but provide fitness benefits to women everywhere.

To prove the efficacy of ShāToBu Dr Perron conducted scientific research in the USA and Canada.

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Dr Perron's Biography

• Dr. Perron received her Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. She graduated from Trent University in Canada.

• Dr. Denise Perron has been a board-certified chiropractor for more than 20 years.

• She is an expert in postural correction, after working with Clinical Bio Physics (CBP) of posture.

• With the CBP group, she has participated in the development of postural assessment tools.

• Dr. Perron has been published in the Index Medicus journals research on validity and reliability of Posture Print.

• She has lectured in Canada, USA, Europe and Japan covering topics from clinical application of postural assessments to exercise prescription to correct posture and increasing patient compliance.

• She has both lectured and worked with chiropractic colleges to establish postural assessment tools as part of their curriculum.

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Click here to view ShāToBu products

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