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Whether you fancy yourself as a jet setter or someone who has to tackle a hefty commute to work and back, we understand that sometimes it’s just too much for your feet. Leaving legs tired and feet unhappy, long periods of sitting or standing are often the culprits. But fret not, as there is a solution! As the hardest working socks in our drawer, support socks revive weary feet thanks to a clever graduated compression system. By applying pressure at the ankles which then eases off as you go up, blood is encouraged towards the heart. With a boosted circulation comes happier feet, along with a reduced risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). Available in range of different support factors (from 6 to 21 - also know as mm Hg) and levels (from Light to XX Firm), you’ll find all information next to the product. If you’re unsure as to what support to go for, we suggest starting off with the lightest option and moving up if needed. Whilst any compression level higher than 25 requires a medical prescription, we still recommend checking with your doctor if opting for factor above 15. Want to add to your sock collection? Browse our range of sweet ankle socks and cosy cashmere socks.

9 items

9 items

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